The decision by our Kiwi overlords to get hospitals built by the lowest bidder is really paying off, ay?

If your solution to some youths wandering around town causing trouble is to stop all youths travelling, I believe Mr Putin has a job open for you.

Also, I see they have a "heat sources" overlay which is very, very instructive.

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As the news is pretty misleading at times, you can take a pretty good stab at where the action is in Ukraine by looking at night photos on and seeing which towns are dark.

Now my Android is allowing me to change the default audio player, anyone got suggestions for a good app that plays audio books and podcasts that I have already downloaded?


Whoever the photographer is who took this.. they deserve a prize. For the vibrant colours and play of light.


From memory I have tried cheese, uvccapture, vokoscreen, webcamoid, and gucview

Another "Oh, we don't need local production of a critical material. We can offshore it." Ignoring the idea is to cut CO2, and offshore is cheap because it's dirty.

Genius !!!DOG!!! decided to sleep in The Forbidden Chair last night, got his leg stuck, found him this morning. Vet says strained ACL but should come right with rest. Little sod.

Can anyone looking at the NZ govt. emissions reduction plan do their own rough figure on how much the govt. is spending per tonne of CO2 equivalent? I'm looking at about NZ$87/tonne which seems a trifle high.

Funny how there's a half dozen people in Auckland that always report feeling an earthquake wherever it was in the country.

An unexpectedly successful 19th century weekend. First place shooting clays, and a 2nd and 3rd at long range. I has a smug (and a slightly sore shoulder).

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