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Light-induced self-assembly of cats using visible light mediated photoinduced electron transfer–reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer polymerization

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Doesn't get much more damning than this: reuters.com/article/us-faceboo Wonder when the NZ gov't will declare that it will stop using Facebook (or any of the "Frightful 5"'s) services. It'd be a win-win-win for NZ.

FAB15 saw the delegates requested to each print a segment of a Queen Nefertiti statue, amongst many other things:

Geeko Farm comes from El Gouna in Egypt this week, from the FAB15 conference. Only one injury, and a group of armed cops after Vik. youtu.be/ZUKXl9Gfdw4

"Then there are bots, which are robotic versions of sockpuppets. They come complete with fabricated identities, like the John McCain-hating Confederate monument-loving American Trump supporter Angee Dixson, who was exposed by ProPublica as a Russian bot. Powered by artificial intelligence, bots like Angee successfully engaged with human trolls. As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump quoted such bots 150 times."

Does this count as passing the ?

A 3D printed arrow by mathematician and sculptor Kokichi Sugihara uses curves and angles that the brain can't register to make it look like it always points right. livescience.com/62478-optical-

Geeko Farm is a bit late this week. Took a while to get on location :) youtu.be/U5F9D-793BE

Attention Earthlings! I may drop off the radar for a bit. Do not be alarmed, but if you see me running do try to keep up. Watch the planet for me while I'm gone. Good luck.

This week's Geeko Farm is running a bit late, but as you can see I'm up to something that's about to swallow a load of my time.

Moa bridge is no longer putting my twitter stuff on . Account is live and allegedly set to send them. What magic needs to be invoked to unblock the tubes?

Yayyy!!! 2.5 years on and the code finally partitions, then writes and reads "Hello World!"

Flechette guns, mainstay of kinetic sidearms. Well here's their origins from the 60's, and the that never was. TL;DR these are the ones that worked well enough to prove the concept had fundamental flaws:

twitter being down is no big deal they can just use the other instances

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