Sharing the exciting news that Ada Lovelace in fact programmed using an LED dress

#adalovelace #tech

The UK knee-jerk banned guns, then penknives, and now they're selectively banning milkshakes. It's a slippery path New Zealand may be embarking down.

I have to say that for $300 you can put a fair group on a pretty extensive course on confidently jabbing someone with $1 worth of adrenaline. FYI I occasionally have to use autoinjectors and I much prefer using a needle.

Managed to catch a double rainbow in with the P20 Pro today. Untouched photo.

New and improved Geeko Farm, now with added puppy picture! Let's see what the Youtube promotions AI makes of that then...

:"Everything is under control now. Situation normal. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?" >BLAM!<

Grow a pair, , they need to re-certify the aircraft.

So, the US is going to let a load of refugees in and resettle tracts of Hawaii? Colour me sceptical, but I don't think many Marshall Island citizens are going to get in to those houses...

People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

Web site designers note: If you put your GDPR cookie information in a popup, and I've blocked things that look like popups, you're still breaking the law tracking my cookies.

You might start to get the impression the person attaching stock photos to stories is less experienced/more stoned than the person writing the articles.

I don't know if many others remember The Project, but I'm glad to see someone recognises our contribution to the return to the . I hope finds our work useful.

Essentially, your ability to communicate will be wirhdrawn if you have insufficient Social Credit. What's next, I wonder?

Again , you use a stock picture of a massively oversize syringe as eye candy for an article. Are you deliberately trying to put people off? Most people won't notice that there's no needle on it. Use actual news photos instead, ay?

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