Wanted: Open Source audio player particularly suited for mp3 podcasts on Android.

Any good experiences?

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NZ COVID Tracer App:
“I’m probably the most important app you’ll need on your phone this year”

GeoNet App:
“Hold my shake”

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Would submit an earthquake report to @geonet@twitter.com but the "I am not a robot" thing won't work through my privacy filters. Non-intrusive and socially relevant (wtf is a "crosswalk"?) options abound. Use one.

No damage. I thought we'd lose a shelf or two for sure, but nothing.

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The daily fluff.

Last night Lewis ate a spider plant, so he's off his foo... Oh, seems to have recovered.

Vapourised spanner expanding plasma ball

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give me a horror story from your specialty in five words or less

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I've noticed the vast majority of my YouTube views after initial video release are from external searches. In short: People are probably looking for my stuff on YouTube, but its algorithm doesn't show what other search engines view as relevant.

Wouldn't it be funny if China was responsible for finally killing the Australian fossil fuel industry?

"Deputy PM 'very concerned' over reports China's power plants warned not to buy Australian coal"


"Committee hearings that would normally be open to the public will continue to be accessible via the Parliament website and committee Facebook pages."

Why is the NZ government giving gratis promotion, on it's own website, to a corporate-owned ?

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My favourite ui fail is that government Web form that requires you to enter today's date, for your application, and refuses to save until you get it right.

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One thing NZ should definitely be avoiding is adopting US/Silicon Valley-style Venture Capital culture. It's driven purely by profit, it's committed to unhealthy US corporate tech dependence, and creates weak companies destined (at best) for offshore purchase, who contribute little to NZ & seldom produce anything good for humanity or the planet. They invented surveillance capitalism & "first hit's free" loss-leading tech capture to co-opt businesses early.

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Hmmm, there seems to be an extra ram in with our little flock of sheep. That wasn't there last night.

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