If given a shelled pistachio nut, Dog will dutifully nibble it in half, then eat the pieces separately. We suspect, because he sees me shelling and eating them.

The Pfizer vaccine had better not be promised from the EU. The EU is about to authorise it. When they do, Pfizer may well be obliged or forced to fulfill their EU contracts first - and they're not making enough for that.


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Configuration concept drawings of the electric/chemical hybrid engine arrays for the Ascender orbital airship. We're projecting eight arrays of four. Just to let you know how bonkers we really are, those are 850 ft engines in a 6000 ft vehicle.

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Apparently the NZ government has launched a consultation on the new anti-vaping laws. Where do I discover this announcement? Radio NZ? No. Stuff? No. Social media? Ha. TV? Pffft. Xinhua: xinhuanet.com/english/2021-01/

My prediction that "by the time lil ol' Aotearoa gets hold of it we'll be on Vaccine 2.0" is on track.

"US scientists working to upgrade Covid vaccines for variants"


If that wasn't already a primary consideration, someone should be looking for a new job.

"Experts urge rethink on using isolation hotels with sub-par ventilation."


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“And then they said, ‘You know, the best way to avoid all this Brexit red tape is to just move your business to the EU”

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Wut? New? I have an honest to Gods actual collection of shotgun cartridges made from biodegradable materials dating from the 1950's onward.

Open panel surgery on Galaxy Tab A completed successfully. SD card slot now operational again. Whew!

I don't think Labour have the balls to impose punitive tariffs on countries that fail to meet their carbon reduction targets either. Mostly because NZ doesn't and despite greenwash, won't.


By the time lil' ol' Aoteatoa gets hold of Covid-19 vaccines, things look like we'll be in dire need of a V2.0

I'm not about to turn down a V1.0, but has our Glorious Leader thought about this when setting up vaccine deals?

Unless non-compliance has detrimental consequences such as limits on trade or financial transactions, this is just sheep voting for vegetarian wolves rnz.co.nz/international/pacifi

To put it another way, roughly a day's output from a nuclear power station. YMMV

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Condensing the propellant gasses for a Spacex Starship launch (let alone creating/isolating them) will need approx 18GW hrs of electricity. 1 hours output from California's combined solar/wind resources.

Looks like we can't see daytime RocketLab launches from our place. Night launch viewing only.

So lies Siri, my black cat. Most vigorous headbutter ever. Sadly, didn't help when crossing the road. Found her this afternoon.

According to blitzortung.org there are currently two streams of lighting-rich weather converging on the lower North Island of NZ. Could get interesting...

Had fun teaching a bunch of kids STEM with our Pancake Printers (Remy & Heston).

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