RIP David Bellamy. Gwubbing awound in the glowiously wich litter under the daisies.

If people called Elon's latest vehicle the Pedotruck, would he sue?

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

British Insecurity just confiscated my dog whistle because it "as the appearance of being a kubotan"

While burning wood scraps may cause particle pollution, they drop CO2 output - particularly in areas relying on coal for power generation. Stopping CO2 rise may require non-optimal solutions.

This is getting very Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy-ish.

[Scans sky for Vogon spacecraft ]


"Harbinger households": neighborhoods that consistently buy products that get discontinued, buy real-estate that underperforms, and donate to losing political candidates


Used to play on that pier as a kid.

In retrospect "burn the invisible sea monster" was ill-advised.


John Hart, aka, is the first farmer to try large-scale commercial cricket farming in NZ. He spoke to about what makes a happy cricket.


I've had an email from COLFO warning me that the police have exposed my name, address, age, bank details, firearms licence number and, of course, the fact that I have firearms for all criminals to see. No contact from the police yet.


Based on past behaviour, will probably try and prosecute the person who exposed their cybersecurity lapse for embarrassing them (sorry, "hacking")


So today I got to watch British police execute a criminal lying down on a bridge.

Please stop armed police patrols in New Zealand.

Standard Safety Equipment Holiday Greeting Compliance Sign Cert. EU73619/UK


Dear New Zealand,

I love you, but Black Friday? Really?! Stop importing the worst of the US!

With love,


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