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Doctor: I’m going to drop you off in 2022.

Companion: But Doctor, I come from 2019.

Doctor: I’m going to drop you off in 2022.

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We could all post photos of our good dogs in this thread and RT it too to get even more photos of good dogs. That'd be a time.

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I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

New pool pump much more oomph than old one. The vacuum head went all fragmentary. Another trip to town...

Judith Collins doing her best impression of cleaning the rats out of the hay barn with a flamethrower there.

For those of you who thought I was joking when I said I was setting fire to my plumbing to fix it:

Those who have not been vaccinated in NZ will soon be forced to receive viral RNA in their system to generate antibodies. It just won't have been tested, sterilized, and administered by a medical professional under monitored conditions.

Yay! Pool pump now goes without smoke or jetting water from every joint. New motor uses 1/3 the power too, and to greater effect. Time for a cuppa.

Did You Know?
If you smear pipe solvent cement around the outside of an existing PVC pipe joint (slit it first) and set fire to it, when the flames die down you can peel the old joint apart? Some obvious caveats here...

"I add solvent to little pipe and set fire to it here..."

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Pool pump make fire after capacitor repair. New pool pump has completely different plumbing joints. [sings] "I'm Igor Pachmelnik Zakuskov and I am engineer"

Staff at Waiscan medical services with nose-dicks peeking over their masks, and masks inside out. Unimpressive.

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Every heartwarming human interest story in america is like "he raised $20,000 to keep 200 orphans from being crushed in the orphan-crushing machine" and then never asks why an orphan-crushing machine exists or why you'd need to pay to prevent it from being used.

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Note to anyone with my landline number: Now I can't get a line that works during a power outage there's no point, so I'm retiring it. Please delete.

"Woohoo! @RocketLab@twitter.com launching Kiwi rockets from NZ! "

Actually an American company launching US military payloads, but yeah, from NZ. Nein danke.

Got it registered and warranted in the end. Phew! That was a mission and a half.

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So why my trailer lights still no go? Everything is ... oh.

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