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@space_cadet @lightweight For me the truly hope-inspiring message of Star Trek is that humans have achieved an egalitarian, affluent and democratic global society *before* we destroyed our planet's ecosystem.

Although we did apparently render humpback whales extinct 😓

Our focus should be on prosperity and quality of life, not growth. Most gov'ts are actually presiding over fragile ponzi schemes - I hope that much is now clear to us all.

Will the current crisis finally be the thing that breaks us of our "growth" addiction? We need to be thinking about doughnuts. (see Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics - kateraworth.com )

Hah, forgot I'd made a video, which I attached to the last post by accident. Here're some pics...

And my wife made her first ever batch of focaccia bread. Success, big time!

Just turned all our leafy green veggies (silverbeet, kale, and capsicum) into Bhaji. Quite a lot of onion and other stuff, too. Yum!

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@sir couldn't agree more. I even wrote about it a few years ago when I started noticing this trend:


At the time (on the post) I gave the benefit of the doubt to Discord, but nowadays I think that, in the presence of better and open alternatives, it is a bad choice for this use case, just like Slack.

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@Phaserune @sir Slack is objectively garbage-tier in communication. And the company behind it is doing the standard tricks of luring people in, then changing terms and functionality to force worse conditions on its users. *In addition to that*, it's also closed source.
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@Phaserune there is a spectrum, and free software projects with free software dependencies and free software-driven communities are firmly planted on the far end of that spectrum. There are grey areas, but given that the far end is perfectly viable I'll be staying over there and encouraging others to do the same.

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@Phaserune expecting users to run your proprietary software on their own computers is unethical. Doing so because it makes it easier for you to slurp up and sell their data is extremely unethical. Likewise for shuttering APIs and chasing down third-party clients for users who just want to connect on old hardware or without signing over their privacy is unethical. Subverting existing ecosystems of free and open protocols and software with capital-driven questionable marketing tactics and exploitation is unethical. Hoarding user data - which belongs to the user, and not you - and then making them pay you to get it is unethical. Gaslighting open technologies by trying to redefine their terminology to include your proprietary replacements is unethical.

Slack and Discord have both done all of these things and more.

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When the government demands new high-tech surveillance powers, we have three questions: Has the government shown it would be effective? Would it do too much harm to our freedoms? Are there sufficient guardrails? eff.org/deeplinks/2020/04/how-

A bunch of people meeting here now: bbb.nzoss.nz/b/dav-fp4-4yz for Friday drinkies/social hour.

I'd like to propose an NZ Friday virtual drinkies event, starting at 5pm today (NZ DST). The venue is bbb.nzoss.nz/b/dav-fp4-4yz all welcome - no software install required, just a modern browser (or Safari if you're on iOS :) ) like Chrom(ium|e), Firefox, Brave. Charge your glass, don headphones (& clothing, it's a family show!), fire up your webcams and join us! We're keen to stress test our BigBlueButton... so far our max in a session is 40+, but we're going for 100-200...

To all the NZ schools out there who're (quite rightly) worried about privacy and security problems with Zoom (not to mention cost) - here's a local community-run alternative that's easy and free: nzoss.nz/learnfromhome

Goodness. What a stunning day we have in Christchurch today.

Speaking of farcical - was reminded of this thought (circa 2012) - an essay about "informed consent" and "I ACCEPT" for proprietary cloud web services. davelane.nz/i-accept-and-perso

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