Just had this interesting talk pointed out to me... "Win-Win" -> "Winner take all" youtube.com/watch?v=d_zt3kGW1N some interesting thinking that resonates.

Given the involvement of Shipley, Jacobi, and so many of the "old boys/girls" corporate welfare network, this organisation - the NZ China Council - looks like pork-barrel to me - using the public purse to fund private interests. Can anyone explain how that impression's inaccurate? stuff.co.nz/business/industrie

Listening to RNZ... Wondering idly who really funds the NZ China Council... Seems patterned on the NZ US Council, even down to the same CEO... And that was a multinational funded lobbying organisation. I think it's given far more cred than it deserves. Looks dodgy to me.

@donkey @strypey @chilts ah, and fixed that last bit... I'd left the "t" out of lightweight... *sigh*. Bed now.

By the way, to those on mastodon.nzoss.nz, you can now tick a box in your profile (if you want) to be included in the "profile directory" to make you more easily discoverable... see mastodon.nzoss.nz/explore Currently feeling a bit lonely there :)

@donkey @strypey @chilts ok, we're upgraded to v2.7.4, and I've fixed the wonky templates/layout on some pages... external links should look good now! Now only thing I'm not sure of is why the "Administered by" is "Not Set"... far as I can tell, I've been set... 🤔

Ok, I think I've fixed the CSS/layout issues people have seen... turns out the upgrade process doesn't rebuild them automatically, and we were using compiled "packs" from early 2018... so there ya go. Fixed.

Nothing's happened yet... doing extra backups dontchaknow :)

Hi all on mastodon.nzoss.nz - the system's going to be a bit up-and-down for the next wee while as I do some maintenance...

This coming Saturday, the band I'm in, "3kg", will be performing for a good cause! savethejetty.org/save-the-jett Folks in Chch, Lyttelton, and environs should come along! We're on from just after 8...

Lovin' this Reb Fountain track on RNZ right now...

So, somewhere among the pile of boxes, probably in the garage, is a flat spanner that would almost certainly be exactly what I need to address my bike woes... sadly, the gulf between me and that spanner seems insurmountable. :(

Seems to me the best thing NZ can do is divest of all of those monopolistic megacorps (to be specific: FB, MSFT, APPL, Amazon, Oracle, etc.) and work towards a domestically supported IT infrastructure. We can do it. Easily.

They're simply trying to lead the pile-on on their main competitors (Google and Facebook)... But make no mistake, given the option, they'd gleefully take over FB and Google's monopolies (they previously tried to unseat Google & failed badly with "Bing").

Good on Microsoft NZ calling this out: radionz.co.nz/national/program But let's not make any mistake here: Microsoft is part of the problem, and it's not in their commercial interest to really be part of the solution.

Great to hear folks on RNZ realise that we've let the US-based tech megacorps get away from us... and that they have monopolies that need to be pulled back... decisively. And yes, we won't get support from the US gov't - they're too corrupt. Time to deal with the chickens we've brought home to roost by being blind to their activities...

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