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Windows 10, S-mode (---) 

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Linux Audio Conference starting tomorrow (over BigBlueButton): lac2020.sciencesconf.org/ -- looks like a bunch of interesting presentations!

One thing that I really dislike is when gov't (i.e. the taxpayer) funds developers to write software for the Common Good (e.g. contact tracing apps) but they keep it proprietary, giving them a proprietorial advantage, allowing them to exploit the very same people who paid for its development. That's classic "privatise profit, socialise cost"... Not on.

One thing that makes NZ much different from the US, in my experience at least, is that most NZers have not only travelled internationally, they've *lived* overseas. I think it creates a much different (and more healthy, mature, and perhaps humble) perspective within a society if most have had that experience.

I'm pleased Biden was elected... but he's just a tourniquet on gaping reputational leg wound. Biden's just as corrupt as Trump, but beholden to different masters. He's just a bit more dignified & predictable about it. The US need to get over its blind spot (i.e. idiocy) about democratic socialism & progressive policy. And it needs to get over the myth of "American Exceptionalism". Stuff like equity & climate disaster mitigation are too urgent - there's no time to convince everyone.

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Ouch: "They [Apple] claim it's about privacy, but it's about profit. ... We are not fooled. This is all part of a transformation of Apple's business away from innovative hardware products to data-driven software and media." arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

Phew. That's all my Drupal 7 & 8 sites upgraded... now to install a new one...

Our Lizardarium seems to be proving fit for purpose! We're providing sanctuary to quite a few skinks now... And possibly quite a few more if you look at this female we found this morning...

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The difference between "can't do this at all, or at least not repeat it reliably" and "can do this repeatedly, reliably, but it takes a long time" is enormous. It's a game changer. Even if "long time" means hours.

From "repeatable, reliable" it's possible to move towards "repeatable, reliable, fast" and getting there is revolutionary for productivity.

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Pretty hyped that I get to use Kdenlive for my day job. It really is a professional application.

Holy crap - PHP's composer dependency management is slower than a wet week.

This is *especially* true if that company is selling software or SaaS. I'm amazed at how many companies doing this outsource all development and expertise. Their outsourcing partner holds *all* the cards.

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Wow, just went for a walk with the dog along a stream in our neighbourhood... and saw a bunch (maybe 8?) massive eels - as big around as my arm probably... Must be seriously venerable.

I encourage companies who have a fundamental dependence on custom software (their own SaaS or a crucial info management system or even their day-to-day productivity software) to ensure that they control that software and have in-house development expertise to customise it. If you outsource that, you're no longer an independent company. You're an effective non-voting subsidiary of whoever controls that software. More info: davelane.nz/mshostage

This is the kind of shit that TechSoup shovels daily onto poor hapless NGOs around the world: email.connectingup.org/t/ViewE They make all their money by pushing Microsoft proprietary software so that NGOs don't do something "silly" like use open source software, that's far more sustainable.

Microsoft is trying to buy up all the 'cool' stuff in the market in an attempt to make itself cooler by association... Minecraft, Github, now Guido (Benevolent Dictator For Life aka BDFL) von Rossum, creator of Python (which has been eating C#'s lunch as a programming language). Sad that interesting businesses and people sell out.

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#azure layoffs carry on and #iis will soon have the plug pulled on it (it's running out of actual users). #microsoft is in trouble and that's why it's attacking, bribing , sabotaging and infiltrating. We need to resist this Mafia. #deletegithub for starters.
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@dredmorbius It would be interesting to see Microsoft sell DRM-free entertainment. If for no other reason than we're all used to seeing them as an anti-competitive force, and this action would be more pro-competitive.

They could certainly pull it off now if they wanted to, I'm just not convinced they do. I'm not holding my breath!

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GitHub have restored the youtube-dl repository


Colour me pleasantly surprised.

I've followed this story since it broke. My own (lay) analysis of the RIAA's claims hit HN a few weeks ago:

joindiaspora.com/posts/808cf69 (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2)

The EFF's letter makes strongly similar arguments, admittedly with better legal citations buttressing.

I'd hinted in that post, and commented at HN, as to steps Microsoft could take to establish its credibility before the Free Software community:




Microsoft is a member of the RIAA. It could and should resign.
Microsoft can lobby for further exceptions to §1201 anti-circumvention.
Microsoft can issue a statement formally protesting RIAA's action.
Microsoft could offer an Amicus brief or other statements in favour of youtube-dl developers.

As an old-school Linux user and advocate, I'm used to considering Microsoft the opposition, and my praise is grudging, but given where due. By my reckoning, Microsoft are at least 3 for 4 in meeting my suggestions.

Of the fourth, I suspect its upcoming RIAA renewal discussion will be interesting.

Google, on the other hand, have been conspicuously silent. Chris DiBona, are you listening?

#github #youtubedl #riaa #dmca #copyright #eff #microsoft #google #ChrisDiBona

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