In the Open Education miniconf at , I'm reminded of how cool the fully approach is - for an intro to it see

So cool - hearing about - automated farming - via a keynote by its founder Rory Aronson at right here in Christchurch.

As I look at my multiple HiDPI monitors linked to my laptop, it amazes me to realise that for several years, I ran my open source IT (including web development) business from a laptop with a 1024 pixel wide screen (and no external monitor)...

I feel sorry for software businesses who feel the need to trade in the US market.
There are many places far more worthy of their attention.

Lawn-mowing musing: one way in which I haven't aged is that I've retained my young person's values... I haven't become cynical & caved into becoming "The Man" we all used to despise, taking a place in the class that exploits people & the planet like so many of my fellows. Thank goodness for that. No, I have enough. I don't need more than my fair share.

Today's dev soundtrack is brought to you by Linsay Lou and the Flatbellys. For example:

Used to be if someone wanted to work in an industry, they'd learn the specialised tools for that industry, and take great pride in their trade/expertise. Nowadays people have been so molly-coddled by software developers trying to paint other software a "unfriendly" people are offended if they feel they have to "learn" anything. It's an epidemic of amateurism in our time. Most people are obstinately ignorant about the tools their jobs depend on. At the very least, learn to touch type.

For those who think "the Cloud" is the answer... be mindful of a whole new level of lock-in...

The really makes me not want to use Twitter any more, as he's sullying it (even more than it sullies itself) by association...

Fascinating... Turns out "growth" as a goal is counterproductive. I agree with the conclusion - lose GDP as a measure of success and adopt something like GPI (Genuine Progress Indicators). I'm all for it.

Engineering porn:
Given that most won't watch more than a few seconds, it's probably safe for work ;)

Oh the horror! We have reached that crazy, dreaded time of the year where otherwise good people ruthlessly exploit the kindness or gullibility of others in an effort to divest themselves of unwanted marrow (zucchini).

Wow, it is really coming down in Chch right now. Has been all night.

One of the greatest (& in the eyes of today's power brokers, most dangerous) side effects of education is learners slowly realise that, by methodically studying the world & testing competing ideas to determine which more closely describes reality - motivated more by truth than ego - we have pushed back much of the haze & some of the fear that's surrounded humanity throughout its past. Another side effect is I can post this on a digital, virtual, federated social network & crosspost to Twitter :)

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* voice* Hello my name is Arnold. I am from #germany and I love to #cycling and #comics. I also like #GNU #Linux und being #kinky. Vat is up mein bruders

My prediction for the year: until we have artificial *general* intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles will not be a thing. I think it'll be 20+ years. There, I've said it.

Saw (what was clearly) a business vehicle yesterday which had been stencilled with a web address of [web-based-business-name] ... Oh dear. That doesn't build confidence.

I gotta admit, I always find it kinda crazy to see people who still seriously use Hotmail addresses.

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