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Account migration "easier than ever, and with 3.0 comes the ability to bring your followers with you like magic!" Thanks a lot! I think that's one of the most important feature for a decentralized network! blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/10/ #Mastodon

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Five years ago, on 10.10.2014., #CitizenFour premiered, telling the story of the #Snowden leaks which gave us a detailed look at the global #surveillance system.

The film is freely available on the Internet Archive, so you have no excuse to not have seen it.


And while you're at it, why not organize a group screening? :thounking:

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the move to putting your "desktop" OS "in the cloud" is a disquieting trend. @doctorow@twitter.com has been sounding the alarm about this sort of thing for ages, but it's coming into sharper focus, and it's deeply worrying.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/doktorpaine/status

Today's jaunt up the hill was murky. No sign of the Alps... Things in Christchurch are much clearer now, though.

Don't let Luna's apparently relaxed demeanour fool you. She's a finely tuned machine, a coiled spring. She'll respond instantly to peanut dropped into a flannel shirt pocket at 30 paces.

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schadenfreude, possibly unjustified, StackExchange 

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For those who haven't seen, socialhub.activitypub.rocks is live! socialhub.activitypub.rocks/

It's a forum to discuss ActivityPub implementation, hosting, community building, etc.

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@vilbi @lightweight Voting is more a duty, a contribution to society than a privilege, given how small the influence of individuals is.

Being seen to go to vote may well increase participation. IIRC they even found that in a study.

And every citizen needs to be able to check the system to ensure people trust it and respect the outcome.

The Microsoft PR spin machine continues: zdnet.com/article/linus-torval Sadly, it seems SJVN is now co-opted. This is pretty grim. Microsoft is *not* an ally to open.

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Stop using #adobe products as soon as as you can. The quality of product has no relevance when anytime you may stopped from accessing it. (As it is happening in #Venezuela right now)

Stop using non-free software. You will face its evilness soon or late. Start migration to #FreeSoftware asap

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You may find a list of #FreeSoftware solutions for doing graphics and photo editing to replace the proprietary products of #adobe with.


Respect your freedom
& Save your ass ASAP


Speaking as an ex-pat yank under fewer illusions about my motherland's international impact than many of my less travelled countryfolk, this is very useful... jacobinmag.com/2019/10/foreign

And yes, for those who still think online voting is "inevitable", I offer this: xkcd.com/2030/

Given that Estonia is generally the "poster child" for ... proponents should read this very carefully: estoniaevoting.org

Electronic (not online) voting systems... with with carefully preserved 10 year old security vulnerabilities. Who would trust private companies to build anything related to voting? I wouldn't. The incentives are all wrong. wired.com/story/voting-village

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Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

I've taken the precaution of taking hundreds of photos of our house-in-construction to ensure I can track down all the important things that will (by the end of today) be within walls. Here's hoping I've done enough...

If NZ gov't wants to act on its declarations of Climate Emergency (they do, right?) then a quick win would be ditching all of its IT services outsourced to coal-powered "cloud" centres in AU & bringing them back to the locally run, carbon neutral, *water powered* long sustainable cloud right here in Aotearoa - @catalyst_cloud (disclosure: orgs I'm involved in get sponsored hosting from them. It's excellent).

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