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I just detailed an alternative to one use of the HTML5 drag and drop events, the rest I think can be done readily enough with <input type=file> and links. There was a dev.to article wishing for such a standard.


Also I made some significant changes to my previous one based on feedback and to add an aspect I forgot, an alternative to localStorage:


Interesting. news.nationalgeographic.com/20 With any proprietary technology with such vast market reach, I'm very very skeptical of research which finds it "completely safe"... Sadly, the precautionary principle generally isn't observed by profit-motivated entities.

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>update gnu: takes less than 10 minutes
>update windows (insert version): takes six+ hours.

Minor just before... first noticeable one in a new house (rental while building)...

And, a quick web search shows me that my friend Hadley, as per usual, is way ahead of me! Should've known :) - nicegear.nz/blog/hacking-a-mit

Do any of my Fediverse or Twitterverse contacts know of any ducted home heatpump systems that have an open API for controlling ducting and/or the heatpump's parameters? Ideally one that also heats the hot water cylinder? Please let me know asap if so! (we're building a house)

Watch this - it's hugely illuminating for both those staring down the barrel of Brexit... and those who have to live in a post-Brexit world anywhere: youtube.com/watch?v=_HDFegpX5g

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Wow. Really worth reading. About assisted dying.

RT @DavidJuurlink@twitter.com

I'd like to share some reflections on the death of a patient. I’ve thought about her a lot.

She gave me explicit consent to tweet the details of her case, about four hours before she died. Her hope was that someone might benefit from her experience.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/DavidJuurlink/stat

Wow, full on: phages in place of anti-biotics... Let's hope we can keep this knowledge open, instead of locked up behind patents by mega-pharma-corps. vox.com/future-perfect/2019/5/

"I want to pour this song in a rocks glass and drink it slowly." spot on comment on a great song, Bloodless, by superb artist... Andrew Bird youtube.com/watch?v=YEFLR2JnMd Make sure you read the notes...

@GeoffreyGevalt Just left a comment on your blog post about the Dark Ages for education... I tend to agree (probably unsurprisingly :) )... but I also think there's an antidote... davelane.nz/different-approach

I'd just like to remind everyone in NZ what happened the last time we had a Christian party... stuff.co.nz/national/crime/559 Irony doesn't get much richer. If it wasn't for innocent kids being the victim, this would be uproariously funny. The NZ National party's salvation won't be found here. It'll be found in identify and living up to a set of well defined principles. And because of that, the new coalition will be with us for a long time.

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Totally agree with @lightweight . Ransoming user data is classic and we need to stop subjecting ourselves to these practices. I've been curating a page on replacements for :

I'm reminded of the last Christian party we had in NZ. This photo of its leader is just as superb as his actions and *righteousness* were abhorrent and nauseating: stuff.co.nz/national/crime/559 - I hope the new contender hasn't got any skeletons in his closet...

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#SeaLevel rise due to #climate warming is mostly talked about so far in terms of Greenland ice melt, which has raised sea levels by just 5mm so far, and look at the damage that is already causing to shorelines around the world.

But now glaciers are melting rapidly in the #Antarctic. The eastern shelf could raise sea levels by 5m (metres!). The western shelf, once thought stable, but not now, could add another *60m* if depleted.

Imagine a 65-metre sea level rise.


I encourage you to read this - specific to NZ, but I suspect similar situations are occurnig the world over... pmcsa.ac.nz/2019/05/17/foulden

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Just found an error in old MediaWiki code while moving an old site to a new location, with this comment directly above: "// FIXME: This is probably the ugliest thing I have ever done to
// PHP. I'm half-expecting it to segfault, just out of disgust. -- TS" Gotta award points for honesty..

Thank goodness that at least Docker lets me encapsulate the badness. And throw it away when I'm done.

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