Saying is a good idea is like advocating we should all be travelling via teleportation: there's no known technology that allows us to do this safely - even the physics is poorly understood (if at all). I think that speaking out in favour of online voting should be seen as a socially unacceptable perspective and a position that fully discredits a tech pundit.

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I value our democracy and its democratic processes too much to let any calls for lie unchallenged. It makes me extremely angry to see people with little technical credibility expending their political capital promoting such a daft policy initiative. Places in the world misguided enough to use online voting demonstrate it also offers no hope to those desperate to improve voter engagement and numbers. It's an invalid solution to the wrong problem in democracies.

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Holy crap, with a local government election pending here in Aotearoa NZ again, we're again seeing the call for going out from non-technical tech pundits (how's it possible to be a tech pundit without being a credible technologist?!). It really brasses me off that we have to content with this onslaught of ignorance time after time.

Very interesting: (and the project: - some key components Copyleft, others MIT, others without licenses...)

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Hello fediverse!

Behind every sustainable FOSS project there's a a community, a bunch of committed individuals, and of course a vision!

Have you met us already btw and do you know what Karrot is all about? Here's the opportunity:
Karrot Days next weekend on the 16th & 17th! 🥳 🥕 🤩

Of special interest to people viewing this perhaps is a session about Karrot as a general community organising tool. You're welcome to check out the sessions and join anyone you'd like:

@thelinuxEXP Also worth noting that their *only* 'positive' PR on FOSS is focused on the US. Their overseas offices are still totally proprietary and actively work against FOSS in every context.

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@thelinuxEXP they continue to be a completely shit and untrustworthy actor.

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I'm impressed, @thelinuxEXP with your video: https:/ or with the fact you've recognised and included the references to the shittiness of OOXML and MSFT's extortion of Android OEMs via their low quality software patents. It's worth noting that MSFT made at least 10x more $$ from Android than it made from Windows phone. Their ineptitude is staggering - they only make $ from leveraged monopolies, not because they're clever. Ever.

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Due to recent events, I´d like to ask my fellow Europeans once again to please stop electing fascists.

We´ve tried it. It´s shit.

Kind regards from Germany,

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Greetings from my Fairphone 3+ with /e/os!

Here're my latest reckons on the proposed covered stadium in Christchurch, to be built in the Central Business District.

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From 2020 to 2021, Nextcloud increased its growth with 75% more revenue and a 10x higher userbase.

We would like to thank our community for their dedication, support, and hard work the past 2 years.

Thank you from #Nextcloud 💙

Depressing to see the ITP marketing shithouse proprietary software that makes us dependent on foreign tech suppliers and puts our data overseas. They've lost their way. Not sorry I stopped paying them subs.

The best investment in business a government can make is to minimise the friction of compliance for all businesses. But I think that gov't subsidies and startup funding (incubators, etc.), and even tax breaks for some businesses, are just a form of trickle down economics. It won't trickle down, because that shit's not a thing.

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We, as citizens of our various countries, need to identify, point out, and ridicule instances of "trickle down economic" policies and practices in our governments. Just about every case where the taxpayer funds private businesses is an example.

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