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Finally getting a chance to start watching Paywall - The business of scholarship. Should be compulsory viewing for all academics. paywallthemovie.com/

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Yes, this is a real worry... blog.cryptographyengineering.c I'm pleased I haven't switched from Firefox to Chrome (not sure about Chromium - will have to check - it's my normal "second" browser)...

Love it when that happens - spotted a new Neal Stephenson book (which I hadn't even heard about yet!) in the "just returned" shelf as I was returning my books a few days ago. It's a collaboration with someone called Nicole Galland, and is entitled "D.O.D.O". Compelling so far!

Over the weekend I wrote a thing: davelane.nz/fixing-procurement - it's about how to dig our gov'ts out of the deep hole in which they've found themselves.

So, turns out I can be cross about quite a few things in the world at once.

Gotta love how parenthood changes expectations. Had a big night out with my wife and friends for drinks and dinner... Home bang on 7pm.

(in a robot voice) "The distant future... the year 2000". Had that going through my head all day. "The humans are dead!". Sigh.

So yeah, this is terrifying. mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09 These people clearly haven't watched Black Mirror (or perhaps they have, which is even more worrying).

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RT @piawaugh@twitter.com: A lack of understanding in govs about tech has serious consequences. News from the EU: "Today's Copyright Directive vote not only makes life harder for creators, handing a larger share of their incomes to Big Content & Big Tech -- it makes life harder for all of us." -- @doctorow@twitter.com twitter.com/teh_aimee/status/1

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/piawaugh/status/10

One has to really wonder why AU and NZ's gov'ts are supporting the and its clone, ... afr.com/news/bill-shorten-on-t What's motivating them? Is it corporate favours after politics perhaps? There doesn't seem any other reasonable explanation.

Huh. For those thinking that MSFT is being a good open source contributor with its Visual Studio Code editor... this suggests they're, well, not. carlchenet.com/you-think-the-v

To restore civil society, focus on building up libraries... nytimes.com/2018/09/08/opinion It never occurred to me before that "library" comes from the root libre, i.e. liberty and freedom...

*People* deserve respect as people. Their beliefs, however, should be judged on their merits. Christians have long been able to make criticising their beliefs taboo. I'm very relieved that we live in a more enlightened time. stuff.co.nz/stuff-nation/10716

I like the idea of addressing teh brokenness of "shareholder primacy" with a fix to a "source code error in the operating system of capitalism". That's my language :)