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#2569 Hypothesis Generation 

Frazzled scientists are requesting that everyone please stop generating hypotheses for a little bit while they work through the backlog.

The latest project from my shop: the first of several bookshelves... I might still add a backing to it for additional structural rigidity...

Seems to me that NFTs are a cryptographically rigorous form of 'artificial scarcity'... created by corporations with their own self-interested motives. Am I wrong?

There would - briefly - have been some very very surprised seabirds. Poor things.

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Crikey this is the place that has recently mostly rained down around the south pacific... invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v= looks like it's goneburgers. Pleased it didn't take these folks with it (or any others) - fingers crossed! (it's not yet clear how Tonga's outer islands fared)

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So I've been working on this draft for some time; this weekend I finally got into into publishable shape. If the trope that every equation in a book or article halves your readership is correct, I would assume that about 0.2 people will read this. 😀


Hmm - this has the potential to be good... or bad, depending on who profits most (it's foreign investors, inevitably). But I must say I relish the idea of delivering Rio Tinto the sharp end of a hobnail boot. stuff.co.nz/business/127020332

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Wow, this is an impressive feat. invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v= (but crazy low video res, so maybe they want people to buy the full res?)

Just upgraded my PineTime to 1.8.0: github.com/InfiniTimeOrg/Infin Haven't really given it a test run yet, but it installed and is now running... :)

It's sad that this is necessary... theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2 but it's what we desperately need more of in NZ. People driving have a dangerous sense of entitlement here, and flout the road rules with impunity, entirely confident they'll never be held to account. So much so that they eventually forget the rules (if they ever knew them) they're brazenly and habitually flouting.

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Ecosystems built to lock users in through their data and platform are a soft form of ransomware.

Today's outlook doesn't appear as auspicious as the weather report suggested (no rain)... All our wrath comes up those plains...

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I implore any #FLOSS group using #Telegram to consider switching to @matrix for public (unencrypted) and private (#E2EE) chats, and #Fediverse services (Mastodon, Pleroma, Write.as etc) for announcements. And Discourse.


(My boy's chosen to run Plasma/KDE desktop over Cinnamon, by the way)

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All of the hardware on the laptop is supported out of the box. And it boots from bios to login screen in about 5 sec. And then to desktop in 2 sec after login. Very very snappy.

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Subsequently I installed tuxinvader's Linux Kernel PPA (launchpad.net/~tuxinvader/+arc) we got his lappie running the 5.12 kernel with lots of new support for the brand new Intel Iris xe graphics chipset... and now it is comparable (and slightly better than) the Windows performance. Nice. 2/2

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