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"Our collective objective should be, to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence, or the disadvantage of anyone."
- Buckminster Fuller

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career activist and professional volunteer from Aotearoa (NZ). Co-founder of numerous community projects, including a community newspaper, space, station, , the Aotearoa sections of and , and the Aotearoa Permaculture Network. These days, I publish long-form blogs at . I'd love to hear from you about common interests, my contact info and more about my project history is here:

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👀 Āpōpō is #Wellington's only Indigenous #coworking, #innovation and event space. Here to grow #Māori + #Indigenous peoples participation, success & leadership in the CreativeTech industry...

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The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right.
-- Henry David Thoreau

#anarchism #quote #bot

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How often do you review package.json for deps or security issues on your projects?

A modern fairytale about the consequences of letting the tools we use be controlled by their manufacturers:

One of the coolest creative communities I've ever lived in was an old farmhouse nestled in Hamilton East, which is now facing demolition:

"What we are looking at [in Asian economies in the 1990s] is not so much the social consequences of economic reforms, but the economic consequences of social reforms. The market economy flourishes on the foundations of such social development. As India has been lately recognizing, lack of social development can quite severely hold up the reach of economic development."
- , 'Development as Freedom'

... for December 22 that is. Also, happy new year to everyone in the darkened northern hemisphere, and to those using north-centric calendars in the sunnier southern hemisphere :)

Maybe this could be something groups like could develop in the future?

looking at digital TVs and wondering how hard it would be to convert them into simple libre systems. Thinking about a single-board gaming consoles that could be hooked up directly to the hardware inside the TV, replacing the default OS, with games on SDcard or USB 3.0 storage. Then thinking about a standard mount that could be added to the back, to accommodate and connect the console board, allowing it to be easily upgraded for as long as the TV hardware is working.

Curiously, according to, the homepage is estimated to emit only 0.11g of carbon per page load:

... while other pages are more like 0.63g:

... and probably a lot more with the embedded YT videos running.

.org can't even do basic navigation around the site without allowing from Not even a website.

In an social network, all connections could be 2-way, and access to other users could be an earned privilege not an instant right of all users. Initially students only have access to their teachers, other students in their class, and anyone they can exchange with in person (ie their friends). With good behaviour (as judged by their network with teach oversight), they could be granted access to friend request anyone in their school, then the whole inter-school federation.

I'm envisioning an invite-only federation of educational instances, one per school, with connections between schools built up by a among the school staff who admin each instance. When students reach 18, their accounts would be portable to any other social network that allows account imports using an open standard (ideally including any instance).

"Communism then is already here. The question is how to further democratize it. Capitalism, in turn, is just one possible way of managing communism — and, it has become increasingly clear, rather a disastrous one. Clearly we need to be thinking about a better one: preferably, one that does not quite so systematically set us all at each others’ throats."

"Whenever a genuinely democratic movement begins to emerge — particularly, one based on principles of civil disobedience and direct action — the reaction is the same; the government makes immediate concessions (fine, you can have voting rights; no nukes), then starts ratcheting up military tensions abroad. The movement is then forced to transform itself into an anti-war movement; which, pretty much invariably, is far less democratically organized."

I remember noticing exactly this in the 2000s.

"Hopelessness isn’t natural. It needs to be produced. If we really want to understand this situation, we have to begin by understanding that the last thirty years have seen the construction of a vast bureaucratic apparatus for the creation and maintenance of hopelessness, a kind of giant machine that is designed, first and foremost, to destroy any sense of possible alternative futures."

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