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Under marked otherwise, all posts from this account are 4.0. Unless I send a DM, I want all my posts publicly visible, to any web browser, and any other user app or archival/ research system that speaks (and ideally and too). I'm happy for them to be indexed by any search system and included in any relevant search. That's why I publish them on the web with Mastodon. When I want to have private discussion, I use DMs. One day the AP-verse will do this better.

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"Our collective objective should be, to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence, or the disadvantage of anyone."
- Buckminster Fuller

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Tech Job opening on my team, boosts very cool 

My team is hiring for a Level 1 Information Security Analyst!

Trying not to dox myself: The company is worldwide but doesn't have worldwide hours, Fortune 1000, we're located in Portland Oregon and we're not fucking Intel or Nike (thank goodness). We also don't make bombs or work with the DoD so bonus points for not being evil (as much as you can in such a company so closely tied to global capitalism).

Culture is extremely queer-friendly, I'm openly transgender and lesbian and have received zero static from day one.

We're looking for fresh-outta-college type people or people looking to change careers who have good pattern recognition skills. Background in Analytics is of course cool, but we're also looking for backgrounds in Marketing, Journalism, GIS, General IT, you don't NEED a background in Information Security (we're good about teaching that stuff).

Position is based largely in the Portland Oregon area, but we're 100% remote work until at least February and likely longer (but that's just my opinion).

Any additional questions, please feel free to DM me. <3

Actual quote from a welding textbook:

"Knock over the joint to test for good root fusion."

Knocking over a joint is my favourite way of experiencing roots fusion, for sure 😉

about Bonfire, which at first glance appears to be a self-hosting project like FreedomBox/ Bone and Yunohost.

"The Bonfire team is preparing to launch a hosted service that will host your fediverse identity and sync your Bonfire apps with the fediverse."

Other political factions want to seize power, anarchists want to cease power.

An expression of gratitude focuses attention on the other person and their forebearance. If it's not actually required for relationship repair, an apology just gives me an excuse to bore them with the list of minor annoyances in my life that contributed to the thing I feel compelled to apologize for (the bus was late etc).

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A good friend just taught me an awesome trick for training myself out of over-apologizing. Basically, if I can find something to thank people for instead of saying sorry, the apology is probably unnecessary. Thanks for waiting, instead of sorry I'm late.

"A healthy work habit must provide a proper balance between working and resting, or else it has the potential to become addicting."

- Dr , 'Thrilled to Death', 2007

Space heaters are a waste of energy that could be used for distributed computing as well as heating living space.

When did my life become a patchwork quilt of intermittently successful workarounds?

"What does not kill you makes you stranger."

- , Dark Knight, 2008

@jfa On another topic, are you involved in running Looks like a fantastic initiative. I'd love to know more about how it's run and how it was set up. Great to see it's hosted on the Catalyst Cloud.

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@strypey Software developed far too quickly for engineering best practices to develop and become standardized. I will forever shill Adam Barr's "The problem with software" because he covers this in extreme detail

Digital tech was so much more exciting and fun when it was a nice-to-have that we tinkered with in our spare time, not a byzantine mess of constantly changing infrastructure that we depend on for dozens of essential daily functions.

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@nergal “Breaking Things at Work is an innovative rethinking of labour and machines, leaping from textile mills to algorithms, from existentially threatened knife cutters of rural Germany to surveillance-evading truckers driving across the continental United States. Mueller argues that the future stability and empowerment of working-class movements will depend on subverting these technologies and preventing their spread wherever possible.”

"These evaluations of devops approach, but fall short of, its true meaning. Simply put:
Devops is the mission to replace all humans with computers...

So the next time you see a "devops engineer," or hear someone tout the benefits of a "devops culture," take a moment of your day to thank them. It is these brave heroes who will ensure, one day, there will be no more humans."

I remember about 20 years ago arguing that because means determine ends rather than being justified by them, then authoritarians must end up undermining their longer term goals if they organize using decentralized means. In hindsight, that was naive.

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