"... [Dr Stephen Poletti of the University of Auckland] found that the [electricity] generation companies made $5.4 billion in additional profits between 2010 and 2016 over what they would have made if the market were truly competitive. These 'excess profits' amounted to over a third of the companies' revenue."

North&South, 2022/08

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Our local zoo has a solar panel array shaped like a flower, which follows the movement of the sun, and folds up at night or in inclement weather.

This thing is so over-engineered, it's like the Juicero of solar panels.

#greenenergy #solarpunk

"As the rains fell, [Philip] Anderson's data showed Meridian was deliberately spilling water at their hydro dams, restricting the supply of hydro power to the North Island. [So] gas and coal power stations in the North Island fired up. Due to industry technicalities, the power companies could then charge the higher price for the expensive coal and gas energy on all electricity - including the electricity produced at low-cost hydro dams".

North&South, 2021/08

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"Captain, may I ask a question about our human colleagues?"
"Go ahead, Mr Tasvin."
"Why do they have a separate break room? And why is it sealed off from the rest of the ship with genetic locks?"
"Humans have an unusual level of resistance to a wide range of toxins. They drink caffeine for fun."

Anyway that's enough examples to illustrate what I meant in the OP. Doing this blow-by-blow meant that it took me about 2 hours to get through the first 40 minutes of this 2 hour movie :P

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@strypey There is a lot more alternative frond-ends than you might think, this is a comprehensive list of them - github.com/mendel5/alternative

Thank you @frankie for posting about this, that's how I came to know about it :blobcatgiggle:

Next is weird, somewhat experimental level where the three heroes climb out of the well, back-to-back. Whenever the players succeed in taking a step up the well wall, we cut to a clip from a press conference cut scene where the President delivers some exposition. The end-of-level cut scene shows us the surviving heroes swearing revenge of 'whoever-did-this'. The next cut scene features the imprisonment of Snake Eyes and some exposition about the high-tech prison and the target NPCs held there.

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If we make the shot, we get another cut scene with the President and his son, foreshadowing that something odd is up with him and his bodyguard, then blatantly showing us that he's a fake and his thugs are holding the real President. This is followed by the defend-the-base mission. Then an end-of-mission scene where the surviving lead heroes hide in a well.

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The end-of-level cut scene is set back at base, and foreshadows an upcoming defend-the-base cooperative shooter mission. Next up is another White House cut scene, further setting up for that. But first we have to do a training level in which we play as one of the lead heroes, and we have to aim at a small, distant target, while being taunted by other lead hero. If we don't take too long to make the shot, he blows away the target and we have to restart the level.

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The end-of-combat scene tells us the narratives results of the Jinx/ Snake Eyes combat outcome. Up next is a scene in which the two lead heroes play video games and one gets ambushed by children; an opportunity for a two player cooperative shooter mini-game. A cut scene in the White House sets up the next level. Which is another cooperative shooter mission, this time with a retrieve-the-macguffin objective, preceded by some in-flight filler dialogue and an air drop into the mission arena.

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The first scene is a seize-the-flag mission, whose only relevance to the plot is to establish that the heroes fight as a team, but one of them is a diva. This is followed by a back-at-HQ cut scene whose purpose - aside from establishing that some of the core heros are abusive, macho assholes - is to drive that point home. The next scene is a combat between Jinx and Snake Eyes. They're only sparring though, so the outcome matters little, and it could be played as a combat simulator.

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Have you ever noticed that most big budget movies made since about 2000 are structured more like video games than traditional linear narratives? I'm really noticing this munching on a block of 2013 braincheese called G.I Joe: Retaliation.

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Spoilers: #TheOrville s03e05 

Just got to the middle of the episode. Blow me down! My pulse is racing. This is meant to be a comedy?!?

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You’re not a bad person for buying something from Amazon or Walmart, even though those are awful companies

You’re not “supporting evil” by using GitHub or Gmail, even though it enriches MS and Google

You’re not awful for streaming a Harry Potter movie, even though JKR is a bigoted turd

Sure, if you have better options, I encourage you to use them. I’ll even recommend some! But you’re not bad; you’re not “supporting” the bad things those people and orgs do; you’re just trying to live through this plutocratic hellscape

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about Scribe.rip, a free code web app to replace the proprietary Javascript of the Medium.com website.


I've never seen PeerTube videos included in search results, not in search engines that promote themselves as privacy-friendly (DuckDuckGo), and not even in Searx and other community-hosted metasearch sites run on free code software. Why not?


Life is camping. When I forget this and kids myself that life will be comfortable and predictable, I'm setting myself up for disappointment. This is an example of what buddhists mean when they say things like 'attachment is the cause of all suffering'.


"The Cell Buster, made by American company Sabre and marketed under the tagline Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975, involves hosing pepper spray into a closed cell to incapacitate the inmate.

It was used multiple times against Mihi Bassett and Karma Cripps at Auckland Women's Prison in 2019 in what the District Court earlier ruled was cruel and degrading treatment designed to break their spirit."

, 2022


US military activity often gets this kind of soft treatment in the news media too. But failure to give some examples of the well-documented Chinese military build-up in the Pacific allows the statement from the embassy to be read as an opinion on a contested issue, rather than as the blatant falsehood issues it most clearly is. See:


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