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Loomio sort of does this by using a Loomio Community group on their own platform for discussions with users, and using GH issues for bug tracking. But their GH issues isn’t limited to developers only.

The issue tracker can be a carefully moderated space, with a slower, more verbose style of communication, suitable for the much larger and more diverse groups of participants. Meanwhile, the bug tracker, like the code repo itself, can be a place for terse, geeky discussions among a trusted group, as they track day-to-day technical work.

Strikes me that when projects have a lot of active involvement from their users, it's useful to have a separate issue tracker for them to scratch their itches, proposing UI changes and new features, and discussing how their might work from an end user POV, as well as a developer-only bug tracker for tracking technical work to be done.

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Apparently even using the term "globalist" is anti-semitism now? Orwell would be turning in his grave at what passes for political discourse in supposedly "liberal" democracies these days.

There are obvious historic parallels between the treatment of German state's horrifying treatment of Jews in open air prisons like the Warsaw Ghetto and the Budapest Ghetto, and the Israeli state's treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which have been pointed out by Holocaust survivors. In what 'Stranger Things' parallel universe is pointing this out an example of anti-semitism?!?

IntechOpen is a publisher of scientific books, "Built by scientists, for scientists"

Seems that like so many political terms, "neo-liberalism" has a US definition that is the direct opposite to the way it's used in the rest of the world, where it's just a jargon phrase for a political-economic ideology based on "laissez-faire" or "free market" fundamentalism. All the more reason to abandon the term as hopelessly confusing, and say "corporatism", or even just "capitalism".

Github is now a fully owned, proprietary tool of Microsoft.

It's time to decide.

Do we as a community allow our future to depend upon commercial interests of a company that to this day spreads FUD and minimizes our impact when it suits their plans?

Or do we step up, do what we do best and take our code to somewhere created by the us for us and the good of the community?

This isn't about hating Microsoft. It's about loving our own sovereignty and controlling our *own* future.

Please Boost.

"... cyber threats now pose a bigger danger to world security than terrorism and nuclear weapons."

Wow! I must have missed the memo about the new software that can kill millions of people in seconds, and level entire cities ...

BTW neither @dredmorbius (who said it) nor I intend this as an indictment of collective or cooperative human organization, or an argument for narrow individualism. Rather, it just points out that in moments of crisis, any individual in a mob can be reasoned with much more easily than trying to reason with the whole mob.

Another thing that occurs to me is that this is an excellent time to have some deep, thoughtful, and respectful discussions about how a medium set up to allow free expression, and allow popular creators to make a living, can deal with everything from copyright violation claims to floods of low quality content aimed at vulnerable audiences, without creating tools of knee-jerk censorship that could be abused to target legitimate expression.

One thing that occurred to me straight away, and has been discussed a lot, is that anyone who is watching videos to investigate (or just out of morbid curiosity) is contributing to their view counts, and helping them climb the YT search ranking ladder. Would it help to suck a representative sample of the videos off YT, and put them up on a site with links to the originals, so blogs etc about the issue could link to the versions on "GateTube" instead?

My wife and I have spent the last couple of days going down the rabbit hole. I was first alerted to this weird phenomena when a friend sent me a link to James Bridle's Nov 2017 article on it, and I was reminded of it recently when Dan Hon linked to it at the end of his piece. I told my wife, who is a fan of productions, and she started watching their videos about it.

"Humans have a troubling tendency to be the anti-ant. Ants, individually, are stupid, but collectively intelligent. Humans, individually, are intelligent, but collectively stupid."

(If you've got a hundred bucks to spare & that sounds good to you, I recommend grabbing a cheap pair off Adafruit. Those are the most normal looking and also the most comfortable, because they're mounted in cheap sunglasses.)

Given that Neuromancer was published in 1984 (more than 30 years ago!), I wonder why it isn't already normal to have simple, cheap, screen goggles that can be plugged into a laptop or mobile. Not 3D or VR, just the screen equivalent of a pair of headphones. Is it that technically difficult to do or expensive to make?

@nolan would be really useful in to be able to either dismiss individual notifications once I've seen them, or view them in sorted categories (eg new followers, favourites / boosts, @mentions). I'm currently finding replies getting lost in a sea of favourites / boosts if I don't check my notifications *very* regularly.

“What we have here is a factory farm for human beings, that has been publicly humiliated for how it treats its livestock, running internal audits to avoid future PR disaster.” – yours truly in The Guardian on Facebook’s “creation of an ‘Investigative Operations Team’ (IOT), to try and spot major abuses of its platform before they happen.”