"Although the value of integrating Indigenous science with Western science has been recognized, we have only begun to scratch the surface of its benefits.

Indigenous perspectives are holistic and founded upon interconnectedness, reciprocity and the utmost respect for nature. Both Western and Indigenous science approaches and perspectives have their strengths and can greatly complement one another."

, 2018


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@dachary engages in some brutally honest sharing about their own organizational mistakes here. I aspire to achieve this kind of self-awareness in my own advocacy work:


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I wrote down my long term vision for #forge #federation. A constellation of forges, where Free Software is grown locally and organically 🌱

@forgefriends @gitea @hostea @forgefed @codeberg #framagit are pieces of this puzzle, each developed with ❤️

There is no need for mega forges with millions of projects and tenths of millions of people ruled by a centralized power. ☠️

They must vanish and make room for thousands of small forges communicating with each other. 🤝


Found via the ForgeFriends project, which has a very similar manifesto:

"Enough is a community of individuals helping journalists, sources and human right defenders communicate privately and securely. It has no hierarchy: anyone can do what they want as long as they respect others. Differences, divergences and disagreements are encouraged: they are a source of diversity and creativity."


Back on the ST Enterprise wagon train, Similitude (so3e10) is a really gripping episode. A trolley problem situation akin to the Tuvix episode in TNG (so2e24) gives us some new perspective on how the crew react under a more personal, unnerving kind of stress, particularly Archer, T'Pol, and Phlox.

"Timebanking organisations worldwide are considering choices for the next generation of software. Recently, the Aotearoa (New Zealand) Timebank software working group published a report digging in to many aspects of timebank software and the needs of timebanks."

Report here:

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"But we must protect against bugs, against misconfigurations, against hacking, by always performing risk-limiting audits, by hand, of an appropriate sample of the paper ballots that the voters marked themselves."

, 2020


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"Voting machines are computers of this kind. Does their inherent insecurity mean that we cannot use them for counting votes? No. The consensus of election-security experts, as presented in the National Academies study, is: we should use optical-scan voting machines to count paper ballots, because those computers, when they are not hacked, are much more accurate than humans."

, 2020


"Originally wiped from the face of the earth 136,000 years ago, the previously extinct chicken-like species of bird has made back to its previous home reclaiming the island that it had previously lived on. According to scientists, it is almost as if the white-throated rail has re-evolved itself back into existence."


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Threema (already more private than Signal messenger) is now on F-Droid, completely free from Google code

gadgeteer.co.za/wp-content/upl Threema’s instant messenger has proven to be an answer to security and privacy concerns surrounding WhatsApp and Telegram. It has also managed to provide an alternative to Google’s push notifications with the introduction of Threema […]



Given the way GH has been used for labour organizing etc, I suspect the latter.

"The Register’s has two theories for Gitee’s stance.

One is that Beijing is worried that sensitive tech has made it into the public domain, so must be retrieved.

The other is that developers have used Gitee to post content that would be easily noticed – and censored – on social media – but may have gone unnoticed as code comments or inside other files on Gitee."


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Looking back to how countries around the world disbursed emergency welfare benefits in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a lot of lessons to be learned.

Read more about the trends we observed 👇


"You can do anything at Zombocom, anything at all, the only limit is yourself."


The Orville s03e09 knocked it out of the park! Both amazing visuals, as good as the best of Star Wars, and some of the best moral dilemmas and shifting allegiances I've seen since watching the newer Battlestar Galactica. I keep saying it but I can't believe this is a comedy, although this episode too had some genuinely funny moments, along with some very touching character moments. Can't wait for ep10!

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