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Menno Finlay-Smits

RT RT if you too have a box like this in your house

RT Most accurate pie chart ever.

I recently gave a talk at the Christchurch Python meetup about why you might want to consider using instead of shell scripts (mostly about the excellent Plumbum package). More here:

RT A programmer walks into a bar and orders 1.000000119 root beers. The bartender says, "I'm gonna have to charge you extra; that's a root beer float". And the programmer says, "Well in that case make it a double".

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RT Thermal Camera Reliability Revisited. A critical component of our devices is the FLIR Lepton 3 . It's our eyes in the dark as we look for . Check out our progress in's latest blog post -

RT Cross country skiers look like musical notes, so hum along and name that tune!

At this week, we've had some big wins around the reliability of our thermal cameras. More here:

The amount of control you have over process scheduling and CPU core utilisation under is fantastic. Real-time priorities FTW for one issue I've been dealing with.

RT "Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it." - Patrick McKenzie

RT There’s less economic reason to tip a waiter than there is to support open source. So why do people do one, but not the other?

Just duckduckgoed for "awesomewm keybindings" and dayum…

This sort of shit is what makes ddg the best search engine for me.

If you put your illegal files into a folder labeled "NSFW", the police won't be able to access them, because the officers are at work while doing that

checkmate police state

Late night thought: A cool feature that would make #Mastodon stand out would be a way to tie a toot to a follow, so you could tell why someone decided to follow you. 🤔

It's easy to look at Wikipedia's success and then scoff at the donation requests made to the general public but we must remember that they have to support that success with servers, employees, and bandwidth.

Without ads, without selling your personal data, without any breach of their own terms of service, and then continue to innovate.

Consider making a donation

This is dated but hilarious. Thanks, you might enjoy?