Cleaning out my garage today...

Found a Portable Computer :-)

For the umpteenth time in our marriage my wife has asked me if I think the earthquake will come back...
And for the umpteenth time I say 'No, it will be a new one...'

These things do not just hang around behind the bike sheds waiting to jump out and say boo!

So I have just taken 5sqcm of skin off my shin to match the 2sqcm from two weeks ago and the other 5sqcm from 4 weeks ago that still hasn't healed.

Jo thinks I'm a feckin eejut and I have to concede she might just be right...

Not as pretty as the official item, but it works!!!
I can now listen to all my old LP's that I bought replacement CD's of last century... winning!

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After a *lot* of cross checking and design work in kicad and qcad I end up buying all the parts from Jaycar and building this...

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So there is a person in the UK selling one for 38 pounds... but they won't ship to NZ...
Quad helpfully publish the circuit diagrams for their kit and that, along with a picture of the trace side of the PCB, allows me to build one...

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Was ready to plug my resurrected SL 23 into my quad preamp when I realised it had a moving coil disc module set to 300mv... the SL23 runs a moving magnet setup at 3v

So I need one of these... which can be set to 1v, 3v or 10v.

So do I try and:
1) find the correct module
2) build the correct module
3) rewire all the rca plugs into 5pin DIN and go back to the old Quad 33

Decisions, decisions.

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Got a new belt for the SL23. Cleaned it up. Lubed the luby bits. Rearranged the amps onto their own shelves and made a space for the SL23...

And the Quad 44 preamp has a bespoke moving coil module and not the standard moving magnet one...

Pumping 2-3 millivolts into a 300 microvolt module doesn't sound like a good idea. (this, from a guy who has only just realised he was driving the amps at 5 volts rather than the 0.5 volts they were expecting...)

So my double shot, double boost as of yesterday left arm feels like it's going to fall off... No pain or anything but it doesn't quite feel like it is as firmly attached as it usually is...

I've been lurking on trademe looking for a replacement for my turntable that I remembered offering to a friend many years ago...

Turns out that I didn't give it away after all :-)

Happy Day!

And then it got worse...
It just seems to me that rich white people telling brown people what they're doing wrong, and by the way only the rich white people know how to fix it, just seems a bit off.
By all means provide the money for something you are passionate about if you have the money to spare but to force that provision through your own lens of privilege? Really?

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"During the reporting of this story, it was also revealed the Wright family are the sole backers of former state broadcaster Sean Plunket’s new media outlet, The Platform."

- BZZZT... WTAF. No. Sorry Chloe. Stick the the positive things please because THAT just goes against everything I've read about you so far...

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"Over the past eight years she has built four privately-run birthing centres, where low-risk women can birth and stay for free. She thinks they should all be taxpayer funded, and has launched a nationwide campaign attacking Government maternity policy."

- Alright, sounds good, no issues with that either. Govt. needs a rark up occasionally... sounds like the red flags were definitely premature...

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"As chief executive and trustee of the Wright Family Foundation (WFF), she personally funds organisations from Plunket to Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Aotearoa and The Parenting Place, and was in 2020 made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to philanthropy, education and health."

- Oh, ok, so doing some good works then... maybe the red flags were a bit premature.

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"In 2015, they restructured this successful family business, which receives $200m in government funding each year, into a tax-exempt charity."

- Hmm... a millionaire that gets millions from the govt. for what is now a tax free business... Red flags starting to appear...

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"Chloe Wright is one of the richest people in the country... with husband Wayne Wright.​The pair are behind the largest early childhood education franchise, Best Start, run by former National MP Tony Ryall"

- Ok... Starting to get a bit wary knowing what I know about ECE institutions...

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Stuff article on Chloe Wright:

"Millionaire philanthropist Chloe Wright styles herself as a champion of women's rights... against a Government she says doesn't care about maternity."

- Quite possibly... Do go on...

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