I don't *want* to subscribe to your shitty newspaper nzherald, I just want to read one article.

Yay Debian nvidia-340 patch maintainers!!!

Updated the nvidia 340 driver based on the debian patch for my openSuSE install and it works beautifully...

Still, Fuck You NVIDIA!

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Have I said 'Fuck you NVIDIA' today?


Well Fuck You NVIDIA!

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Aaanndd upgrading to openSuSE 15.2 to discover Nvidia have dropped support for the gt216 range.

Fuck you NVIDIA!

Ingram Micro have published a 7 step guide to the impossible task of securing M365...

I'm so over it that I can't even muster a response like my 1 step guide to securing M365...

Step 1: Don't use M365.

Colin Craig has got to be the largest boil on the backside of humanity NZ has ever seen.


He is basically saying that he should have won the appeal because he truly believes something that is irrational.

Even I can see that a psychiatrist wouldn't have to go past 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder' to get a diagnosis that fits his behaviour.

But he is white and rich so here we are again.

Do I respond to the complete farnarkle on LinkedIn who is touting AirBnB, Uber *and* Bitcoin as three of the greatest achievements of modern life...

I just feel like I'd be wasting my time so I'm hoping that they just lose all their money in a Bitcoin crash and have to drive an Uber to make a living while sleeping in their car because the rental market has been fucked over by property 'investors' using AirBnB.

Another three years of the NZ Govt avoiding a competitive marketplace in complete contravention of their own feckin procurement rules!


I just caught myself trying to swipe up a page in a magazine...

Recalc all partitions to start on 4k boundary
dd all individually bar one.
mount/cp the last one.
reboot... to rescue. no grub loader.
download latest rescue.
reboot. mount, chroot, grub2-install.

And. We are back.

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Aaaannnd... the physical sector size has changed on the new drive so they are now all misaligned...

Supposedly it doesn't matter that much but we are all OCD in some form or another so I'm doing it all over again!

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new start and end point calculated for last new partition. fdisk -c=dos create partition.

dd partitions one at a time...

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because old partition table says last partition starts 183Mb *before* the end of the previous partition... so the last 183Mb of one partition is overlaid on the first 183Mb of the next one.

That could be a problem. Might even cause some random corruption requiring the use of fsck...

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fsck again...

and again...

Boots and not boots...

Buy new HDD

dd full drive fails.

need to create additional partition... partition fills spot on new disk but is smaller than original... discover -c=dos parameter for fdisk. can't create new partition at same start point as old partition...

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