Carl is pleasantly surprised when his older than the hills GT216 card:
a) outputs on the DVI *and* HDMI ports...
b) OpenSuse KDE correctly identifies it and adjusts the layout *with no other input*!

Don't laugh! I've had to sacrifice lots of chickens over the years to get xconfig to do what I want!!

Just watching 'Kate' on netflix... soundtrack includes Band-Maid *and* Aural Vampire... Bonus!!

I've spent the better part of 5 days trying to get either Confluent or Sharepoint to load some bespoke html code that uses iframes...

Neither will do it properly.

Both of them require you to use the toolsets and macros as provided by them to force a particular look and feel... very similar to the walled garden Apple have.

I'm sure it is all very nice and provides a very low bar to entry but I'd still like to have a 'just fucking do it' setting.

I've just seen a rant by Matthew Hooton on LinkedIn... I'd heard his name before but not read anything because it's behind the nzherald paywall.

What an amazingly self centered moaning miserable patronising little shit he is!

It has been noted elsewhere that Netflix is pushing a lot of K-Dramas at the moment...

I have to say 'Law School' is really doing my head in!

I've just caught myself putting two coffee's and one sugar into my cup...

I suspect that I have made one of these in the last 48 hours that went undetected until actual consumption.


You would think that after occupying the manse that I call home for over 25 years I would have at least *one* BT plug lying around somewhere...

But no...

And in the middle of L4 lockdown.

Leaving work at 'Govt. Agency' today they had people in the lobby checking to make sure everyone had everything they needed to work from home... Someone knew something was up!

The police turned up at the house of a friend of ours today and arrested her fragile-x son on domestic violence charges... She is the victim but has full guardianship and won't press charges but they took him anyway and refused to let her support him during the process. Even though he is in his 20's he has single digit cognitive capability and does not understand what is going on.

I know the law doesn't allow police any discretion in DV cases but this is just fucked and isn't helping anyone.

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