I'm interested to see stuff.co.nz consistently using Aotearoa instead of New Zealand...

Now we just need it to be official and we can take our rightful place ahead of Australia in the country selection drop down menus!

All I can see is the death of the NZ owned and operated datacentre.
It doesn't solve the sovereignty problem... yes, physically it is here but logically it is still owned and operated from overseas and the money still goes offshore rather than supporting local business.


Rachel Maddow calls Mohammed bin Salman, funder of scumbag corporation Uber and prime suspect in the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Kashoggi, Crown Prince Bonesaw.



Just finished watching Space Sweepers... ten minutes in with dozens of people all arguing at once in six different languages each with subtitles *except* for the english dialogue... my brain was starting to complain :-)

A tweet stream on Bezos getting into rockets inspired a question 'why do all the billionaires want to go to space?'...
Then I remembered 'Stark' written by Ben Elton back in 1989...

Cry me a river.


Palantir - secret squirrel data mining software company by NZ 'citizen' Peter Thiel.

Snowflake - Cloud data management company proposed by ACC NZ to replace an in-house maintained open source solution... why we continue to send NZ Taxpayer money offshore to these people instead of supporting our own industry is beyond me.

Car banned to end of driveway.
CDs turned up so day not a total loss :-)

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Spent covid lockdown rebuilding engine on my car... Transmission has just exploded on hutt road. Sigh.

I'm inclined to say 'Cry me a river' over this for two reasons. stuff.co.nz/national/politics/
1) If they take their money elsewhere in the interim then they aren't really interested in NZ so why would we want them anyway (and there will be others!)
2) I don't see the money they 'invest' staying here. Peter Thiel has 'invested' money as part of his citizenship deal but a) it has been spent overseas opening up 'new markets' and b) he made NZ$30 mill at the Taxpayers expense via the NZIF/Valar deal...

Having spent nearly two weeks trying to get members of my family to have a Pie and Pint at my local Sprig and Fern tavern I now realise that I am one of those people that can't organise a piss up in a brewery...

Great. Let's roll back labour laws a hundred years so these scumbags can try and make a profit... theregister.com/2020/11/04/cal
If your business model requires you to use legislation to reduce your costs then perhaps it's just a bad business. Go and develop something useful rather than being astroturfing obnoxious parasites.

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