Apple tracks you, even if you don't have Apple devices

iOS sends the MAC addresses of nearby devices, e.g. other handsets and the home gateway, to Apple together with their GPS location. Users have no opt out from this and currently there are few, if any, realistic options for preventing this data sharing.

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" we show that displacement ventilation, ...where air is drawn in through lower-level inlets & extracted at high level, can significantly reduce the spread of airborne contagion, and save the lives of healthcare workers, carers & patient " 1/3 #covid19bc


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I get in my car this afternoon to go to a Dr appointment and the dashboard screen says 'Update available. Park vehicle. Turn off ignition. Car will be inoperable until completion. ETA 15min' sigh. Paging @internetofshit

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"new evidence has revealed that anyone infected with COVID is at higher risk for heart issuesβ€”including clots, inflammation, and arhythmiasβ€”a risk that persists even in relatively healthy people long after the illness has passed."

Neuron scooters are now Living Wage accredited so if you see scooters from three different companies lined up that's the one to choose πŸ›΄


Congratulations and welcome to this batch of accredited 2/2
β€’ Awhi - HSB Consulting Ltd (Trading as Awhi):
β€’ Neuron Mobility NZ Ltd:
β€’ Trade School Industries:


"Last day of school. Some key stats:
- 200 school days
- 6 Flo Masks (1 back up per kid)
- 1,200 total hrs masked (per kid)
- 200 nightly washes
- 600 replacement filters
- 5 lost foam inserts
- 4 Halo Straps
- 3 sets of replacement straps
- 0 COVID from school
" - Kevin Ngo

From the Birbsite 

I prefer vBulletin's tachy goes coventry myself


heavenbanning, the hypothetical practice of banishing a user from a platform by causing everyone that they speak with to be replaced by AI models that constantly agree and praise them, but only from their own perspective, is entirely feasible with the current state of AI/LLMs


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