Time out. No twitter for me during the weekend. 👋

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I swear, every human should have to take a stats class and understand basic probability. twitter.com/zeynep/status/1245

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The NZOSS is very pleased to see this excellent support for a key open source technology, BigBlueButton! catalyst.net.nz/news/bigbluebu Well done, Catalyst!

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OERu joins forces with @COL4D@twitter.com, @unescoiite@twitter.com and @icde_org@twitter.com to establish a global support group to assist institutions transitioning to online learning during the crisis. Please join our support group: oer4covid.oeru.org/

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The sound of rain on the roof in Christchurch - haven't had much of that in the last months. About time too, I see mature trees looking sadly dehydrated round here.

The (incorrect) official instructions for installing minecraft.deb don't fill me with confidence:
apt-get install Minecraft.deb

As always, Naomi Wu has thought things through and researched properly. Well done!

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This is a DIY PAPR (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powered_) HEPA filtered air is blown in under pressure, exhalation passes through a check valve and is directed out the P100 3M filter. Potentially for high-risk environments- testing it without a CO2 sensor is also a good way to kill yourself.

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Grateful that our country has sane and compassionate leadership at this moment

Humans are really bad a predicting/controlling (i.e. having a mental model of) systems that have delay and/or exponential growth - E.g. global heating and now this pandemic.

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1/6 [THREAD] Please RT. Have faith. Physical / social distancing works. works, but because we can’t see the virus, and the effect takes time, the mind plays tricks on us. Our minds are not good with dealing with threats we can’t see and that act over time cc @SiouxsieW@twitter.com

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If you want to try our BigBlueButton instance, just go to bbb.nzoss.nz/b/dav-hm3-m7x in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox/Brave - no software install needed. It just works, even for bigger groups!

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Reiterating an earlier offer to folks in NZ (and overseas as well): before you slide further into the digital oblivion of MS Teams and Zoom, consider using open tools. Here in NZ, you can have pro bono access right now to chat - chat.nzoss.nzmastodon.nzoss.nz/@lightweight

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The Moon, Jupiter and Mars are in conjunction early tomorrow morning. Best time to view is 4am or so.

In light of the Covid-19 restrictions, the NZOSS would like to let people use our open source online services to stay in touch. You can use chat.nzoss.nz (you'll have to create a login) - we can create private rooms for specific communities and organisations. And our vidconf suite is available for people to use - try it here: bbb.nzoss.nz/b/dav-hm3-m7x no software install required, just a modern browser. We can create rooms for individual orgs/communities on request.

Trump apparently unhappy with "Parasite" winning best picture at the oscars. He may have said "How can it be the winner when *I* am the best and biggest parasite there is!"

Clearing out the filing cabinet, a March 2000 receipt from Harvey Norman for Redhat linux 6.1 $199

2 years later, a 20GB hard drive for the same price... (now 4TB for the same price)

#microsoft : #github loves "open source"
Me: OK, where's the code of GitHub?
Them: Oh. About that....
Me: So it's not #freesw and not even "open source"
It's an attack on Open Source, a trap for it
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