Lockdowns and personal hygiene do wonders for cold and flu (non)transmission...

2/2 Via Rik Tindall
Our group has a monthly use of South Library PC lab and SFD is our annual expo event. However, this time under covid rules we are limited to just 7 attendees at a time etc. Notices go out via email lists, facebook and meetup.com/Chchtech/events/279

The city council carries our SFD notice at ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/wh

We look forward to meeting you in person or online via meet.jit.si/SFD2021

Wishing you a very happy Software Freedom Day!

Kia ora, greetings from SFD Team Christchurch of softwarefreedomday.org

Today we will be opening the event internationally with New Zealand sustaining a teleconference presence for visitors and other teams to check in with at meet.jit.si/SFD2021

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Would appreciate any signal boost on this. @upwave is a great company to work for, and I *know* AU has good people… but our hiring process in AU isn’t finding them.
RT @freakboy3742
Repeating an earlier call - I'm still looking for a Full stack engineer to come work with me on my team at @upwave - Java/Groovy + React. Remote position for any AU-compatible timezone. Anyone want to come work with a great team?

Love this minutes 11:30 - 12:30 from this clip of talkback radio rnz.co.nz/audio/player?audio_i

Marcus Lush: Bob, bob you gotta get with the programme mate ...
people [can't get treatment] cause the hospitals are inundated with unvaccinated who have got covid.
You're not making any sense.

Bob: Well I want an answer.

ML: Well go online and get an answer. You don't want an answer, you just want to go on the radio and be a bit of a tool.

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RT from harime bnnui 🐇 (@Lenophie)

i cannot stress enough how unintentionally funny the teaser webpage for #TheMatrix4 is

Original tweet : twitter.com/Lenophie/status/14

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I'm wondering what Stuff is trying to tell us here: "The [Earthquake Commision] act’s definition includes storm or flooding only in the case of storm or flooding. "

An acquaintance is looking for " help with ssl certs for mqtt broker in debian 11" ... " I have managed to get everything but the secure websockets for mosquitto working."

(Running on a Linode VPS)

Details here:


@PetraOleum I have uni student at home from WLG. Feedback on your RTI - "it is very solid , does what it says on the tin, and does it well." 😇

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Which is to say that every choice is a political choice, an economic choice, a moral choice.

Every proprietary tool we normalize helps build or enforce a monopoly.

Every piece of DRM we accept is a blow to the right to repair, the right to own anything.

There are often good, valid reasons for doing this. There are also lots not great, but easy to justify reasons.

I feel a screed coming on, I should probably stop that.

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There may be a whole pallet of pinephones in New Zealand...

"last month DHL accidentally shipped all PinePhone orders (bar those dispatching from the EU warehouse) to New Zealand instead of their intended destinations. "


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