Local pharmacy offering "erectile dysfunction" as a service. Perhaps an alternative to other forms of contraception? ¿How is it supplied?

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Dear Apple, Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Amazon, CBS, NBC, and everyone else trying to create a streaming service: we're not going to pay for eight of these. Work it out.

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xkcd.com/2224/ too true, I'm looking at you Firefox, for breaking my plugins : scrapbook, interclue, lazarus
Yes, still sore after all this time...

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Taavi Kotka , former CIO of Estonia, on the low £100m price tag for being the most tech-savvy government in the world: “If you don’t use Accenture or McKinsey, you’d be amazed at what you can get done.”

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The degree to which non-geeks don't understand backups, why they matter, how to do them, and how to care for them, is deeply, existentially terrifying to me. There is an entire generation of family photos (and videos) whose copies exist only on one aging Windows PC, owned by a grandparent, with a few highlights posted on FB and other datafarms, who carefully prevent their long-term preservation by archiving services like the .

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THIS is why open block chains can’t be used for critical functions such as, e.g., elections. (For elections, there are other, more important reasons, like the lack of software independence.) twitter.com/etherchain_org/sta

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Spain's Happy Little Carless City - Reasons to be Cheerful reasonstobecheerful.world/spai

Wherever you find advocates for saner transportation, their dream scenario usually hinges on the same outcome: making cities blissfully free of cars.

3 new smartphones are now supported by /e/ OS !
- Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro "violet"
- Xiaomi Mi 8 "dipper"
- Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) "a5xelte"
Download, flash and report possible issues from: doc.e.foundation/devices/
#ungoogled #android #privacy #opensource

Mother (on phone): My windows computer isn't working properly - have you done something to it?
Me: 1: No, I haven't done anything
2: You do know that I don't use windows myself
Mother: Stop making excuses and come to fix my computer.
Me: My brother might be there sooner, ask him if so.
Mum: Your brother NEVER visits.
Me: My daughter will be there tomorrow.
Mum: She won't be able to do anything.
Me: Sigh...

After the sky investment I expect NZRU will be hurrying to buy at least 5% of the new stadium in Christchurch. I'm sure the $20M will be happily received...

To answer my own question. Use Gnome on Xorg and language settings work. Gnome with Wayland, they don't.

Anyone have any tips for changing Gnome desktop from English to another language (e.g. Spanish in my case). Changing "Settings/Region&Language/Language" to Spanish doesn't work.

Of course I encourage you to pay for their books if you can afford it

Today is international day against DRM. defectivebydesign.org/ Support publishers like BWB.co.nz , Manning.com and many others that publish ebooks without DRM, that you're free to read, lend or give away like a physical book.

Fisher and Paykel smart drive washing machine has just died. We've only had it for 26 years!
The designers should be proud.

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The trouble with “move fast and break things” is that the people saying it never intend that *their* things get broken — they want to break *your* stuff, and the repair bill isn’t their problem.

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"Jazz musicians were the first punks - except they could play their instruments" - Nathan Haines

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