"Jazz musicians were the first punks - except they could play their instruments" - Nathan Haines

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If more people substituted the word "clown" for "cloud" they might exercise the appropriate caution.

"storing data in the clown"
"clown security"
"the clown is just a computer"
"clown as a service"
"the clown marketplace"
"premium clown provider"
"Verizon Clown" twitter.com/PragmaticAndy/stat

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In the first few seconds - a dinosaur and a hot-air inflated sock-puppet - the symbolism is spot on!
Could this just be next level trolling?

Someone having a bad day at Hansen park.
One minute flying erratically, next minute on the ground - OK.
Then next minute I turn around and see...

TIL that Vincent Ward had written a script for Alien 3!?

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I agree. I read Ward's script during the WGA credit process for the Fincher film (stack of scripts was close to a foot tall) and immediately knew I would rather have seen it than seen mine. twitter.com/Richard_Kadrey/sta

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This is an *amazing* resource. It covers tribal land claims, language groups, and treaty borders; and itโ€™s not just North American - it covers Middle and South America, Australia and New Zealand, too! twitter.com/blprnt/status/1164

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Daughter's exam procrastination involved tidying her home folder. Including getting rid of those annoying .config and .local directories! Luckily used gui send-to-trash option rather than rm -rf ;)
However, Trash is a directory below .local, so inception situation ensued.
I got involved at "my backup app has no configuration, can you help?"
Fixed now LOL

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Now seems like as good of a time as any to ask that anyone who has thought open source owes anyone anything to please read snarky.ca/setting-expectations or watch the talk it was inspired by to understand why that's the wrong view to hold and how it's detrimental to OSS

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Te Reo Mฤori has been added as translation target for openstreetmap's online editor (openstreetmap.org/edit)

Translation input via Transifex

I know a few words of te reo, definitely need help from anyone with the language skills - please jump in!

O.o This is cool stuff!

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Me, half an hour ago, unenlightened: I wonder if @hydra_patterns@twitter.com is any good?

Me, now: This, my friends... this is High Art:

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