If you're in New Zealand and want to own some earrings that show your kind of rainbow, check out felt.co.nz/shop/cositajeweller

Dear @LEGO_Group - I am once again asking that if NASA, ESA, or anyone else puts it in space, you make a kit of it.
🀩 The real #NASAWebb is now fully unfolded! Amazing!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Hopefully you can build and unfold your own #LEGO #JWST someday! @LEGOIdeas

I just completed "Reactor Reboot" - Day 22 - Advent of Code 2021 adventofcode.com/2021/day/22
2 weeks completion time ... yay!?

Simplified setup for my Mum. (this is OpenLauncher on /e/ android)
Does anyone know if similar can be done to the iphone she has been given?

Answer: it is the horizontal *orange* line across the bottom of the map, with (YOU) in a yellow circle.

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" Give other crypto. If you don’t have ERC-20 tokens (which is what you can donate to the Gitcoin Grant), we accept a number of different coins. You can chip in here.

If you care about the future of the Internet, and the place of blockchain technologies in that future, support Fight for the Future’s work today. "



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" We’re a part of the Gitcoin Grant. The way this works is the more gifts we get in any amount, the bigger the matching gift we’ll receive. And this isn’t a $1 to $1 matchβ€”right now your $1 will be matched with $77. This is pretty much unheard of and is a great way to really maximize your support. If you can, donate to our Gitcoin Grant nowβ€”the grant closes tomorrow, 12/16!

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For some reason this email feels creepy - am I wrong?
Twitter spaces, crypto currency, ugh

"Hey, I wanted to drop you a note to share three ways you can support Fight for the Future’s work to defend decentralized technology:

We’re hosting a Twitter Spaces today with a bunch of groups working at the forefront of decentralized tech. Join us at 4:30 ET today!



β€œA developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation,” says Colombian politician Gustavo Petro."

I finally came across the background to "Bill Gates wants to kill everyone with the vaccine"
(he doesn't)

Two things:

1) I guess I've backed my last Kickstarter, then.

2) Are... are they doing a Sun? Commodifying their key market differentiator? Didn't Sun prove what a monumentally dumb business idea that is?
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SCOOP: Kickstarter is pivoting to crypto trib.al/MrDyIbc

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A tΕ«Δ« covered in harakeke pollen! Highly recommend planting harakeke or wharariki in your backyard if you can, because when they're flowering you are practically guaranteed a visit from at least one of our nectar-loving native manu!

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/HollyNeillNZ/statu

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"One thing I've learned from consulting is that sometimes people insist on shoving beans up their nose and there's nothing you can do to stop them. You have to wait patiently until they ask for help getting them out." zdnet.com/article/no-surprise-

I already have an interface to the meatverse that is indistinguishable from reality.

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