An Introduction to Land Value Taxes

it’s important to emphasize that these agglomeration effects do not come from the landowner. To quote Adam Smith, “the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed”. If I own land in New York City, its value comes from all of the people, business, and infrastructure around it. This framing shows why landlords can’t deserve land rents: there is no sense in which the value is due to them. Now of course, I could make my land more suitable for construction by flattening it for example, and this would increase its value. So I should be clear that when talking about land value taxes, I mean the unimproved value of land: value that comes from location and natural resources alone.

#LVT #LandValueTax #HenryGeorge

Nice to see that Ilam electorate has given the thumbs down to that "old dunger" Gerry Brownlee

Not happy with firefox for android updating from v68 to v81 and disabling vital plugin (bitwarden) in the process 🤬

Playing with QGIS and OpenStreetMap data to make this map of speed limits in Christchurch. Interesting to find some 40km/h enclaves

"In fact, building new reactors, or operating most existing ones, makes climate change worse compared with spending the same money on more-climate-effective ways to deliver the same energy services. Those who state as fact that rejecting (more precisely, declining to bail out) nuclear energy would make carbon reduction much harder are in good company, but are mistaken."

Interesting (!?) parallels between Qanon and Nazism, don't ask me to rate my laptop after only 3 weeks. Give me 6 months or so. Also, you asked for my opinion, then want me to agree to a long T&C - I'm not going to do that.

"Right now, all of the places we can assemble on the web in any kind of numbers are privately owned. And privately-owned public spaces aren’t real public spaces. They don’t allow for the play and the chaos and the creativity and brilliance that only arise in spaces that don’t exist purely to generate profit. And they’re susceptible to being gradually gaslighted by the companies that own them."


I bought a thing, just got this in an email: "Thank you for shopping with us! We hope you'll write about your 20t6cto1wwzhtw0 while it's still fresh in your mind. Click the stars to get started". Funnily enough 20t6cto1wwzhtw0 is not fresh in my mind.

Regulators Are Ignoring How Low Orbit Satellite Broadband Is Trashing The Night Sky - that's our commons you are ruining there, people...

Great quote from 'On Contact Tracing and Hardware Tokens' :

"iPhone users, like the underprivileged, also don’t own a smartphone; rather, they’ve bought a phone that can only be used for Apple-sanctioned activities."

Hey NZ Gov't - if you want me to run your contact tracer app on my device... then follow your own frickin' policy and make it fully open source. I'll even advocate on your behalf. Until then, though, nah. No chance. This is too important for us to accept your half-assed "trust us" approach.

Sadly can't watch any NZIFF movies online. Zero linux support with any browser. No firefox support in any OS...

"The vast, vast majority of political correctness in America is conservative, and it‘s extremely dangerous."

to get a constellation of 3,236 satellites, each of which spend 355 days on orbit, they're going to have to launch like 10 satellites a day

this is a fucking OBSCENE waste

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