everyone's always complaining about how much they hate computers but I love them, I love computers

the things mostly dislike about computers come from a feeling of disempowerment. but computers can be very empowering, if we let them, if we make that a priority

Just to follow up here generically to the many followups one can make that: "Yes, but hardware and software aren't currently being designed to empower users"

Yes. Exactly my point. Let's make it a priority to change that!


@cwebber @chronrevisited @emacsomancer How do we make modern washing machines empowering? What about the CCTV systems we're swimming in? The point-of-sale systems we use in shops? When we zoom out from the 'things with screens people use with the net' definition of "computers", and define them more broadly as 'any technology that uses digital hardware/ software', it quickly becomes clear this is a problem that can't be solved solely through individual choices and actions.

@cwebber No, of course. But as you know, there are many in the community who still don't see that deep structural work needs to be done to protect people's freedoms from digital totalitarianism. I posted my comment after reading and posting about the well-meaning FSFE campaign to convince people to "upcycle your Android". Campaigns like that might achieve more by, for example, coordinating reverse engineering to create free code support for more old devices.

@chronrevisited @emacsomancer

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