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my analysis is that the fediverse ( etc) provide fundamentally for a better, safer and more natural space to be a human online. Whereas corporate social media provides a better space to be an asshole or to reach a bigger audience with ideas/products.


@allison683etc Eschewing algorithmic timelines protects us from the inherent manipulation of the datafarms, which is great. But do we miss out on the one positive aspect of the algorithms; helping people find accounts and posts they're more likely to be interested in. The biggest challenge for the 'verse seems to be creating tools for that kind of discovery, without inadvertently creating new vectors for harassment or abuse.

@strypey Hmm, it's interesting. From the invention of the printing press we've managed to produce and reproduce popular culture and sub-culture and discourse without the algorithm. I think the hashtags, the federation and the ability to log in to instances which serve as a homebase give an organic means already for that discovery without that ability for accute manipulation.

@allison683etc Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing that the 'verse needs algorithmic timelines. Although I saw an intriguing post a week or two back proposing the creation of opt-in algorithms as plug-ins to servers or apps, which users could turn on and off at will. What I was getting at was the debates over features like keyword searching of posts, or archiving of posts by third-party search engines. For example:

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