Hi fedizens, the fediverse.party crew now have an offical account for the project!

Thanks to @feneas (Federated Networks Association), who host not only this account, but they are also our new hosts for the website itself. Our repo, issues, and wiki now hosted on their instance of GitLab. If you can afford it, please consider supporting Feneas as a financial member.


The fediverse.party crew have started work on a canonical timeline of fediverse history. If you'd like to help, please reply to this post with relevant dates and reference links, or go ahead and add your edits here:

If you have trouble getting permission to edit the wiki, you can contact us via our new @fediverseparty account.

@strypey would be absolutely interested in contributing to this! 😄

@sean @strypey This was my second thought. My first thought was "There's so much missing here!!!"

@strypey @sean Sounds like a great project, but canonical is overreaching, IMO. I've been in the Fediverse since 2009 and have seen a number of histories over the years, most of which conflict in some way with my memories as an active participant. Will try to gather some thoughts and circle back to send a link.


Yeah, I still remember the great Fediverse Robot Uprising of 2017... just before Donald Trump opened an account on the queer.party instance and got run off by gay, furry, Gab users. Not to mention the first time @cwebber staged a military coup and declared ****selves High, Exulted Ruler of The Universe and **** immediately banned all pronouns...

Ah, yes... Good times.

@strypey @sean

@Blort @lnxw37a2 @strypey @sean I don't want to be ruler of the universe... that's very anti- my goals!!

@Blort @lnxw37a2 @strypey @sean I hereby decree: I may not be ruler of the universe or set such decrees

> canonical is overreaching, IMO

Since we're not planning to compete with Marx for the number of volumes published, we'll probably stick to key dates that can be referenced to a reliable source ;


I'll try to fill in a few dates in the early history that I personally know about...

Mistpark development begins 15th May 2010.
Mistpark first public preview and launch of git repo  1 July, 2010.
Mistpark federates with email and RSS feeds August 2010
Mistpark federates with Ostatus protocol September-October, 2010
Mistpark rebranded to Friendika  2 November 2010
Diaspora first public preview 23 November 2010
Friendika added Twitter/Facebook federation (via API) December-January 2011
Google+ launched  with 'circles' which Diaspora developers claim to have invented as 'aspects' (Mistpark had the same functionality in its first preview based on work done at AOL a decade earlier) 28 June 2011
Friendika federates with Diaspora protocol following the first publish of Diaspora protocol "spec"  and after reverse engineering the wire protocol instead of working from the published spec (which turned out to be seriously incorrect) July-August 2011
Diaspora 'federation friday' to fix these spec/protocol issues (my edits to the Diaspora spec wiki page to reflect what was actually implemented by both projects on that date were later removed, leaving the original incorrect specification as the only online resource for the Diaspora protocol for several years afterward) August 2011
Friendika rebranded to Friendica 12 November 2011
Ilya Zhitomirskiy suicide 12 November 2011
Development begins on 'red', zot, and nomadic identity November 2011
Friendica put in maintenance mode after Twitter, identi.ca, Diaspora, and Facebook all prohibit, break, or threaten to break federation July 2012
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