Just tried out the AndStatus app on Android. I successfully added accounts for and Titter, but adding this Mastodon account failed. I tried adding a Friendica account as a GNU social account, since it supports OStatus and I can't see any other way to do it, but that failed. I don't think I have a GNU social account since the Quitter. sites went down, but I'll have to check and maybe set up a new one for testing purposes.

@icedquinn no idea if anyone uses it anymore, but there are still instances, and my account is still there.

@strypey We could easily solve the problem with adding Mastodon account to #AndStatus. That is the best place:
but we could discuss here also.
Any errors or messages? What app version are you using?

@AndStatus I'm using 35.06, which according to f-droid dates back to 2017. Perhaps F-Droid won't give me a newer version because I'm using an OS based an ancient version of Android (4.4.4)?

@strypey Yes, really, about three years ago I dropped support of Android v. before v.7.0 in #AndStatus in order to be able to use Java 8 features (and to help me practicing as a professional developer...)
Since that time lots of improvements were done, including today :-)

See the changelog

@AndStatus can't wait to get my PinePhone :) Once I transition to that, this old Android device will only be for WeChat.

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