@puffinus_puffinus I'm also concerned these students have created and published a framework of tools (as well as the dataset) that cops/feds (or anyone else) could make use of to monitor the fediverse.

Maybe not in Europe as there isn't even anything /that/ controversial here but perhaps in USA and some other more authoritarian countries.

Especially with a large amount of traffic from sex workers indexed where they may be operating in a legal grey area..


> sex workers indexed where they may be operating in a legal grey area..

If this is the case, then making public posts on the internet that reveal this is self-sabotaging. It's about as sensible as drug dealers offering Illegal substances for sale in public posts. People need to be educated about , so they don't compromise themselves like this. "Don't read" policies are a head-in-the-sand solution, because cops will not respect them.


Indeed - I help moderate a forum that was once very popular with young people into raves/doofs and the associated lifestyles, and we had to constantly warn/discourage people against incriminating themselves. Those who didn't, sooner or later got caught.

There are lots of people who (erroneously) believe that if the content is on a very busy network or in a foreign country with different law that their domestic cops are easily overwhelmed, but thats not the case..

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