Folks pushing proprietary no-commercial-use licenses (/ etc) are trying to get voted onto the board of the Initiative, to push the nonsense that their licenses are a kind of ". In the early 2000s corporate interests set out to marginalize the movement by taking control of the . It's time to return the favour. If you are an OSI member, please vote for board candidates committed to the :

@strypey I thought oh wow, maybe I should register as a member, but elections opened last week, it's a bit late.

Here are the candidates. Which ones do you find problematic?…

One obvious example is Coraline Ada Ehmke:

> "Giving everyone freedom means giving evil people freedom, too." (OSD FAQ)

> It doesn't have to be like this.…

is one to scrutinize too:

"Twitter poll I ran on this topic got answered by 1200 people—that’s twice the total membership of the OSI—the majority of which thought a Hippocratic-style license was a no-brainer."

He gives hat-tips to Ehmke,
Byrd-Sanicki, and . A ticket with shared goals? Like Byrd-Sanicki and Simmons, he's very keen to stop OSI being a member-run organisation, that elects representatives to handle day-to-day governance.

@strypey I didn't think of it, but a more staff-driven organisation would probably mean more power to the corporate seats, who can be assumed to have more time to monitor and influence staff actions and directions.

This would make it critical to hire the right staff, i.e. the hiring of staff would be rather political, while "staff" makes it sounds neutral and mundane.

@clacke loads of organisations have been gradually corporatized like this, resulting in unprincipled decisions being made for staff convenience, pleasing funders etc. being colonized by , shipping with search engines and allowing proprietary bits to creep into it (eg Adobe EME module), Linux Foundation ... well ... heaps of examples there, see .org.

@strypey Yeah, I winced a bit when I read "I was a co-founder of the Free Standards Group which is now the Linux Foundation", but maybe it means George Kraft has seen this happen before and could be a counterforce?…

But then he doesn't say much about what he actually wants to do, and when Luis asks about OSI's relations to Ethical Software he goes well I was at the FSG and they were merged into the LF and that was pretty cool. Um, ok.
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