Does anyone know of an offline map app like + for desktop GNU/Linux?

Is it okay if it happens to also work on a mobile form factor? ;)

OSM Scout Server + Pure Maps should do what you want.
(and is WIP for the Librem 5, too)

@danielst yup, as long as it also works on a non-touchscreen form factor :) sounds like something that runs on a server, which I don't have (yet). I'm looking for a map app that works with an existing service, as OSMand+ does.

It's intended to be installed on the device. Basically, the map client (e.g. Pure Maps) connects to your localhost to access offline map data. Just have a look.


It's designed as much to be a digital atlas globe, but it does do navigation as well, without any touchscreen necessary.


Just so you're aware, for offline routing you need to install the offline routing plugin from within the app.

@Blort is it downloading maps for offline browsing that requires a plugin, or just getting the app to give you directions while offline?

@strypey do you need navigation or just map viewing? If it's just map viewing I can suggest QLandkarte GT... I use it for displaying GPX traces from my Garmin watch, and it uses OSM map data by default

@desikn thanks, but appears to have been mostly unmaintained for at least the last couple of years:

Also license situation is unclear.


Have you had a look at ? It's quite good for offline composing complex routes to follow with your garmin, or such.

Sorry, I was thinking in android in that moment... I have used the maps program in the gnome suit, but as far as i know it doesn't has offline mode @strypey
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