.com recently announced on their blog that they want to start charging users $2 for every meetup they attend. This provoked so much outrage they took down the blog post, but here's a copy from the WaybackMachine:


This is why we desperately need federated replacements for sites like MeetUp. Check out the Events and Meetups category on our watchlist for some projects working on that:

There's an ongoing discussion about interoperation between the various federated events projects here:

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@strypey Ah, scrolled several posts and see that you are/were a MeetUp user as well :) Yes, it would be nice to have alternatives. Then again, if any Fedi network had groups (forums, channels, you name it) - with functionality like in Facebook/VK, a network specifically "for events" would not be needed.

@lightone I do have an account on MeetUp but haven't used it for years. Replacing it isn't just a case of having a groups feature, although that's a start. You also need an events calendar feature, ideally with the ability to comment and RSVP.

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