I'm trying out various promotion platforms that are (or will be) federated using . The event I'm using as a test case is a real book launch happening next Thursday, at in Ōtautahi/ Christchurch:

The book is a collection of essays called 'Public Knowledge':

Tried to create an event at the instance at:

It told me that to create an event there I need an account on When I clicked the login button, it took me to a login page, where the 'sign up' link redirected me to:

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I can't seem to get the Mobilizon demo site to display the address of the event venue :/ It's running am early beta and many features are yet to be implemented. Maybe there's meant to be some integrating with or some other address-finding service?

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I just tried exporting the event from using the 'add to calendar' button to download the .ics file, and importing it into Worked pretty well, except that the event time field was displaying the wrong start and end times. I tried to edit the event, but the sliders for altering times are really hard to use, and the 'save changes' button wouldn't work anyway.

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I tried deleting the event and got an otherwise blank page with an error message:
> Sorry! Something went wrong: SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0

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Of the three platforms I've tried so far; , , and .io, only Gath seems to be aware of timezones. Unless the other two are inferring a timezone from my browser or OS defaults? But if I happened to be adding an event in that I learned about while I was in China, that would be a faulty inference.

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GetTogether one has the best of the four I've tried so far (Mobilizon, Gancio, Gath). It is aware of timezones, although it would make more sense for it to ask about timezone before asking for event times. When I changed the timezone on the 'add place' page, it assumed the times I'd already entered on a previous page were in UTC and converted them to the new timezone, making them wrong. At least editing the event to fix them worked.

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The ideal UX would be that I could enter my event into any one instance of any of these apps, and have users on any other able to discover it by searching on their own instance, comment, RSVP, and so on. Figuring out exactly how to achieve this is a work in progress.

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@strypey Hi! Just found this via reading old posts on socialhub. I should make it clearer that this instance is just for users of Friend Camp. If you want to try using federated events you should try over at, which is the flagship instance of Gath.

@strypey each instance of #gancio has a specific timezone the admin should choose from an admin panel, that's because I push for a tech close to territory so an instance of gancio it's related to a particular place. Each time representation will follow that timezone of choice (you can see it here )

@gancio OK, I guess in practice, it would only be useful to promote that book launch on Gancio if there was an instance for Aotearoa. I still think it would be good if the UI was more verbose about what timezone it's assuming. Specifying timezone when displaying times would also be helpful when federating, with other Gancio instances or other fediverse event calendar sites.

@strypey @darius is there a version of your gath anywhere up that we can do more testing on?

@liaizon @strypey @darius the main instance is and I'm running one at - but I'm having some weird federation issues I'm still digging into. I can certainly speak for mine and say go nuts with testing against it, but the federated stuff is a known issue so it's kinda pointless right now. It works on the main though.

@mike @strypey @darius oh they merged federation on the main instance? I did not realize this lol, thanks! cool to see your instance as well!

@mike @strypey @darius well damn thats awesome that its merged! just checked and indeed you are right the main instance is federating!

@liaizon how do we interact with an event on (like this one ) from another AP instance?
@mike @darius

@strypey @liaizon @mike federation is currently broken on the main instance and I don't know why! It's working on my private instance (only friend camp users can create events) which is running the same code and I've been trying to help Raph track this down on and off for a month :(

@strypey @liaizon @mike in theory you should be able to follow and @ an account like this one @AszAzP6D6

@darius hmm. That's not working for me in .social . Clicking on @AszAzP6D6 just worked like a normal link, not an account I could follow.

@liaizon @mike

@strypey @nolan @liaizon @mike can you put the entire handle in search though? And then follow it?

@strypey @nolan @liaizon @mike (also I was able to make it work from Pinafore; it might be that your instance doesn't recognize the events instance yet?)

@darius @strypey @nolan @liaizon just checked myself, it's not Pinafore as such. is running quite an old version of Mastodon, that might be a factor.

> can you put the entire handle in search though? And then follow it?

Yes. That works. I wonder why clicking on the @mention doesn't?

@nolan @liaizon @mike

@strypey @darius @liaizon @mike I haven't implemented any kind of event support in Pinafore yet, so there may be some work on my end to support this. :/

@nolan @strypey @liaizon @mike oh it's not Event stuff, this is just interacting with normal AP accounts and Notes

@darius @strypey @liaizon @mike Thanks, I've opened a bug if you can provide steps-to-reproduce. It is probably some compatibility issue. Thanks! :)

@darius @strypey @liaizon main instance is having issues too now? That always worked for me when I had trouble with mine, it's how I figured the problem was something I'd done or failed to do.

Fun times!

@wyatwerp not necessarily. can federate over AP though, depending if the federation plug-in is installed on the instance or not. Hopefully some of the work @mike has done implementing native AP support in will be backported to Hubzilla, allowing AP support to be on by default in all hubs, without breaking .

@strypey GetTogther has a syndication feature, where one instance can import event data from another for discovery. But it doesn't allow a user account on one instance to rsvp or comment on another instance yet, that would take significantly more refactoring on the backend.

@mhall119 a first step for interop between event sites could be having the exporting/ importing automated, so all a user has to do is enter an event page URL from one instance into another, and click 'import'. Could also work for private events (where supported) if the user is logged into an account on both instances?

@strypey asking users to add individual events isn't a great experience. Right now one instance can subscribe to *all* events on another instance, making it to to reach instance's admins who to syndicate from. I could add a way for people to request new subscriptions though.

@mhall119 so GT instances already federate (subject to admin decisions)? Awesome! So maybe my suggestion could be a baby step towards interop with other federated apps that handle events?

@strypey event data is federated, but it directs you to that event's instance to do things like RSVP, which means you need to create another account in that host. So it solves the discovery issue, but not much more than that at the moment.

@strypey the nice thing is that event federation is cumulative, so if instance A importing events from instance B, and then instance C imports events from instance A, C will also get the events from B, without having to import from B.

@mhall119 OK, thanks for clarifying. So far, GT looks great, to everyone working on it.

@strypey GetTogether assumes that any event created for a team will be in the team's city's timezone. If you created a personal event (no team) it should use the timezone you set in your user profile.

When adding a Place with a different timezone, it *should* adjust the stored time on the backend so that the displayed time doesn't change (i.e. if it was 2pm UTC it would become 2pm local time). If that didn't happen for you, that means we have a bug somewhere. Can you file an issue on github?

@mhall119 willdo. It may have been user error, but the UX could definitely be smoothed out to make that less likely to happen.

@strypey it sounds like you changed the timezone on the Place object itself, which I don't think will trigger the same logic to keep the displayed time the same

@strypey Oh, what would I give for actual screenshots of current UI of all those projects. I haven't tested any yet. Will any of them replace It was very useful for finding local groups and meetings.

> actual screenshots of current UI

Like a step-by-step of creating an event? There are a couple of screenshots of the beta site here:

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