I wonder how many will resign (as they're urging NZF's leader to do, and I'm not against it) from the National Party when the SFO inquiry into their donations reaches its conclusion... I'd certainly have little trouble with *all* of them resigning.

@lightweight looks to me like there is another attack underway here. Remember the scandal in 2008? It was similarly launched in an election year, and had the effect of knocking NZF out of Parliament and helping National become the government with as PM. I wouldn't be too upset to see drop below 5%, but not if that was the result.

@strypey Yeah, they're definitely trying to dog whistle the smaller parties to sink them below the threshold. Sadly, many of their supporters are neither sharp nor informed, so they'll be oblivious (or excuse) their uncouth/hypocritical tactics.

@lightweight specifically the smaller parties that would support the current government. I haven't seen similar tactics deployed against ACT, and despite folks from the Maori Party saying they got the memo Maori voters sent them in 2016, National seem to be standing aside for them in the Maori seats. 's new cyanotory party seems like a calculated move to split the smashed avo and hipster glasses vote, pushing the Greens below 5%.

@strypey yup, it's all pretty calculated and mercenary. It all just reinforces my "party without principles or honour" impression of National.

@lightweight what's your thoughts on how to fight back effectively against dirty politics tactics? I keep coming back to focusing public discussion of electoral politics on policy, rather than personalities and scandals. If news editors ensured at least 75% of their domestic politics coverage focused on policy, that might reduce their vulnerability to being hijacked as a delivery vector for attack politics.

@lightweight note that I still fail to do that consistently, as my posts in this thread demonstrate ;)

@strypey yeah, I've developed a pretty strong dislike for many of the more conservative, corporate-friendly political personalities in NZ.

@strypey and I'm not afraid to say so (and poke fun at them when they sat/do stupid stuff, like most of Judith Collins' posts).

@lightweight I don't blame you, but the tendency of news media to report on social media spats between conservative public figures and liberal opponents results in the former getting far more attention than they deserve (recent examples include the Southern/ Molyneux circus, Don Brash or that zombie capitalist Bob Jones). I think an element of 'don't feed the trolls' applies here. I try to attack the policy stupidity without even mentioning it's spokesviruses by name, if I can avoid it.

@strypey I was just tempted to post this on Twitter, but decided to just post it here instead, under the radar unless others push it up :) - "[@ Well known National MP] wondering if anyone's ever got to the bottom of this little controversy? davelane.nz/nzfuelfail-worthy- I know some journos got told in no uncertain terms at the time to "drop it, or else"... ominous. All sounds more than a little dodgy to me. "

@strypey my website is Drupal 7, unfortunately (the module's only Drupal 8) although I could potentially implement it for tech.oeru.org (which is D8 and currently uses native comments, with the attendant problems with spam)

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