@strypey @lightone afaik gnusocial is still going, but with few active instances. I saw discussion of adding ActivityPub, but I don't know how far that progressed. The codebase was very crufty and so hard to adapt.

@strypey Ah! A dedicated website is a good thing to have. I'm glad the project lives on in the hands of the community.

The only thing that makes me hiccup is "privacy focused". "Free software" may be used *somewhat* as a synonym, in certain contexts. But for a network that's completely public (AFAIK), "private" sounds a bit misleading.

@lightone good point. Maybe something to point out in their Jabber group chat?

@strypey @lightone The organizational status of GS is confusing. Is gnu.io/social/ a GNU site? Is gnusocial.network/ ?

GNU aside, it's clear that @diogo is the only one working on it.

@moonman @clacke @diogo @strypey @lightone

Nah. Diogo, Tenma, XRevan86, Dansup are all working on GS. There are also some people testing patches to AP. Possibly some GSoC contributors coming up, too.

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