So I’ve been using a much more simple, cut-down non-Gnome/KDE for I guess a year or so now? And I have to say it’s a tribute to all the coders working in the bigger Linux desktops that I can still do almost everything from the command-line too.

I’m not being sarcastic! It takes a lot of careful thought to make sure others aren’t being left out (or accept patches that help people who aren’t your main audience).


@mala I've been using since it replaced Fallback as the default desktop for . I'm very happy with it, even on a 10 year old 32-bit netbook bought with XP on it. I shudder to think what it would be like trying to run a newer Windows OS on it. Without desktop GNU/Linux, I'd probably have to buy a newer 2nd hand laptop every couple of years to have a useable PC.

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