"A tendency to concentrate on food production only, neglecting food *entitlement*, can be deeply counterproductive. Policy makers may be misled if insulated from the real situation of hunger - and even threats of famines - by favourable food output situations."
- , 'Development as Freedom

is a "developed" country with an economy based on exporting food. I've seen skips full of veges and processed foods outside supermarkets, and bags of bread dumped every week by bakeries. We have no shortage of food. Yet an embarrassingly large sector of our population doesn't have secure access to nutritionally adequate food, because they can't afford to buy it.

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In a world of surpluses, insisting that people pay for necessities of life in order to obtain them may be dangerous.


#UniversalBasicIncome (#UBI) can form part of the solution here. Everyone has the right to #subsistence, things like #shelter/#food/ access to the #commons/ #roads/ including digital commons.

#Wages shouldnt be taxed - improved #land and its value should. Land not only has #naturalResources but access to our greatest #energySource - the #sun (it makes food grow).

The #extremelyWealthy #onePercenters love that...

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The #extremelyWealthy #onePercenters love that we are distracted from #HenryGeorge-style #taxation. Until its adopted the #elite will continue to continue with #taxEvasion via #financialEngineering. Its too easy to claim losses to #shellCorporations and mates.

See also #Georgism, or 18th century book, #ProgressAndPoverty.

Quick question: Does NZ non-organic #bread and other confections also have #soyFlour (as they do in #Australia)?


> Does NZ non-organic and other confections also have

Yes, soy is used heavily as a filler in processed foods in too.


...and some wonder why #carcinogens like #glyphosate show up in people's urine, or why countries have banned #Roundup etc.

Thanks for the info.

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