Hey @bhaugen have you come across this project? Maybe relevant to what you're doing with and some of your other economic network proiects?

Aware of that project and some other open-source ERP systems.
But ERP systems are for single enterprises, not economic networks composed of many independent agents (which is that valueflows is for).
I worked on ERP systems for a job for a few years, though, and am glad to see open ones thrive.

> economic networks composed of many independent agents

Do you mean a structure that serves some of the practical functions of a corporate structure (coordination, bulk buying etc) without the centralization, hierarchy, and value extraction? Like Enspiral but with the participating enterprises exchanging real world items like food or clothing, rather than online services?

Yes. But also collaborating on production and distribution of goods and services.

An example is http://www.sensorica.co/
In the context of (for example) social.coop, a cooperative of internetworked cooperatives.

> social.coop, a cooperative of internetworked cooperatives.

In the sense that members of other co-ops are members of social.coop, or has social.coop become a formal federation of other co-ops? I'm a bit out of touch with what's happening there.

I obviously miscommunicated. I meant that we got a lot of cooperative members and organizers in social.coop, so some kind of federation of cooperatives might potentially organize itself there. Not that social.coop itself would be an economic federation of cooperatives. Mastodon does not have the required features. But, to come next year as ActivityPub extensions...

@bhaugen ah right, that makes sense. Excited to hear more about the extensions. Has there been any discussion of these on socialhub.activitypub.rocks ?

Don't know. @yaaps was one of the people helping to think about how to do it, and I don't know if they posted anything about extensions, and I just looked and don't see any economic pub topics. But ocaps/bearcaps will be part of the story. @lynn has done a lot of thinking and note-taking but has not posted anything there yet. Plan is to start next year.

@bhaugen @strypey @lynn
My blog is offline because I need to set up HTTPS certificate renewal, but ActivityPub works through progressive enhancement and mediaTypes such that any semantic vocabulary can be cast as JSON-LD with an RDF and any MIME type sent as a payload and it would be well behaved, at least as far as the protocol is concerned

@cj has ideas about extension discovery, but I think there's some IP issues involved with publishing

@yaaps I should be cleared soon (awaiting contract), but also needing apcore to be completed as a prerequisite so I can work on the next thing.

@bhaugen @strypey @lynn

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