"In connection with the financing, our holding company moved from Luxembourg to the U.S., as we believe this will be helpful in future fundraising necessary to support our strong growth."

. Anyone who follows me will have seen me vigorously defending as preferably to , and one of the reasons I gave was that Wire were a private company (not VC-funded or corporate owned), based in Europe, where the tech industry is more strongly regulated to protect user privacy than the US, where Signal is based. Looks like Wire have set up a US partner entity to funnel VC into the company :(

A friend of mine recently told me he's had good results getting friends and family using (the flagship client). I'm seriously considering recommending that (or ) over or as the best chat app for use with non-geek friends+family. Riot has always had the major pro that's it already decentralized, using an ,. Other than that, it now has pretty much the same pros and cons as Wire, including being developed by a VC-funded parent company.

@strypey I’ve had semi-good experiences with Riot a few years ago. Back then it was a little unreliable at least using the android emulation on my Sailfish phone, so ended up giving it up. I think it could be time to give it another go.

@mmin the other major downside of Riot, vs. Signal or Wire, is that the degrades a lot once you turn encryption on in a chat, because you have to constantly faff around with verifying devices and backing up keys. They devs are aware of the problem and promise they are working on a more elegant, automated solution, but for now it's an issue. Much less of a concern if you run your own homeserver for your friends+family chats, but good to be aware of.

@strypey Yep. I think we already lost some of our family chats when we were using it for a while because I couldn’t quite figure out the management of encryption keys.


@mmin I think there is a variation of here. Out-of-the-box, Riot is decentralized and user-friendly, but not encrypted. Turn on encryption, it's still decentralized, but not user-friendly. Same is true of , clients, and every other decentralized chat app I've tested that has encryption out-of-the-box, hell. All the user-friendly systems I've seen that have encryption turned on out-of-the-box are centralized ones like Signal and Wire.

@strypey @lnxw48a1@nu.federati.net That’s a good way of looking at it. Even without being a technical expert it’s easy to see why having a decentralised encrypted chat system is not simple.

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