.org is a search engine - based on Germany so subject to - who give most of their ad revenue to fund reforestation. They are structured as a and make regularly publish transparency reports on how much they earned and which reforestation projects they've given funding to:

Sounds good. But I wonder what tech they use? It would be good to see some transparency on that too.

@strypey As far as I know, ecosia uses Bing search under the hood, so I would imagine they're not great in the surveillance/privacy aspect.


@mmin got a link about their use of ? That's not necessarily a problem. instances send their search queries to corporate search engines too. The question is, does Ecosia send searches in batches with no user metada etc, as Searx does?

@strypey Here's a link: ecosia.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ar

Their privacy stuff is at: info.ecosia.org/privacy

Seems good based on a quick look, but with these things the devil is often in the detail. I alternate between ecosia and startpage, so I've given my trust to these meta-search engines

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