It's been a fun ride, but I think I've tired of blogging about ActivityPub. For now. (Note that I'm not yet giving up on using AP.)

I collected everything I possibly could about how things work out here in the real federation in one final post. Hopefully it is of some use to new implementors or those just curious about the way things work.

A great collection of links on there @tedu . Can you clarify a couple of things for me, is an AP client, like Fedilab, or a client and server like Mastodon? Also, is it an ongoing project?

@strypey oh, heh, there's a topic I overlooked. At the present time, there are no AP "clients". Fedilab, tusky, etc. are all mastodon clients (and anything else that implements the mastoAPI). Everything like mastodon, pleroma, is an AP server. Honk is a server implementation with a simple web interface.

I'll find a place to write this down, I think it's pretty important.

@tedu good point about the apps.
> Honk is a server implementation with a simple web interface.

Cool. I'll make sure it's on the AP watchlist for Does Honk support any protocols other than AP or do you plan to?

@strypey nah, AP is fine for my purposes. And it's where "the people" are.

I do think there's a place for "private" social networks, more like diaspora or zot, but my immediate interests are more public information sharing, and less personal.

@tedu I think more privacy is coming to AP networks. The latest episode of @librelounge talks about bringing in and web of trust ideas.

@strypey yup, I'm pretty interested. The plan is to be about a day behind other implementations so I can see what they do, but not too much slower than that.
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