if you have indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and a smartphone you aren’t poor or marginalized
relative to your peers, maybe you are, but i’m guessing you wouldn’t want to live in some of the places i’ve been.
@xj9 You can define absolute poverty how you like, but isn't "marginalized" pretty much having noticeably less than the median (with a connotation of something sinister like racism going on)? So then "some people far away can't even afford an AC" becomes less relevant.

@clacke I know it's contested, but The Spirit Level suggests inequalities within populations are more significant than between them. For example, there are no poor people in hunter-gatherer tribes (assuming their landbase is intact). Whereas people living in tents within cities and gathering food from dumpsters are intensely poor, even if they have a mobile device, and might have access to more calories per day than the tribe, and some social services.

@clacke poverty is not mainly about your material means, but how whether those means are sufficient for your situation, the climate you live in, your coping skills, social expectations and so on. The hunter-gatherer (or a member of a tramping group in the wilderness), despite their modest means, has what their lifestyle requires to live well and be a valued member of their society. Homeless city dwellers, not so much.

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