"Surveillance is necessary"

Is it though? Just before the Berlin Wall fell, I'm sure any journalist in East Germany would have said "the Stazi are necessary." This kind of comment is arguably a sign of .

"The danger about giving away too much in terms of strategies dealing with national security interests is that you tell the people you're trying to go after how you're going to approach it ... [it] does require a high degree of secrecy"
- Justice Minister

Does it though? Or is this, as many are starting to suspect in the wake of the mosque shootings, a classic case of instead of ? Secrecy used to cover up incompetent security practice?


Having transparency about how the Police operate, or Crown Prosecutors, tells the people you're trying to go after for breaking criminal law how you're going to approach it. But this doesn't stop it being effective. A functioning democracy would never accept the cops or the courts operating in the opaque and mostly unaccountable way the secret police agencies do. , author of the , suggests a very different aproach to collecting national security data.

@strypey I had not heard of the #OpenSourceEverythingManifesto before. Just looked into it, and now definitely adding it to my reading list!

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