.io have a (forum.privacytools.io) and a instance:

Great to see the team creating replacements for their use of like Reddit and the birdsite.


A shame that the Discourse forum seems to require a GH account :/ (unless that's just a bug). In fact it's a shame that they're still using GH at all, when self-hosting using a code forge platform like is an option. Hopefully that's in the pipeline?

@strypey Looks like you can create a new account on their forums if you don't want to log in via GitHub.

@algernon hmm. Neither is working for me. I suspect I'm starting to hit more and more weird issues due to being on a 32-bit OS based off Ubuntu 16.04.

@strypey @algernon you can definitely create a local account on the forum. If you DM me your email I can try sending you an invite directly if that’d help. The forum’s still very new, so still troubleshooting a bit 😄

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