whoa Bandcamp changed the design of the top header on their album pages

gonna listen to it after listening to the Mikazuki Bigwave album that Mint shared

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wow 5 albums already for this month's Bandcamp picks list and I haven't even listened to the new City Girl album yet 👀

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if you like listening to those lo-fi chillhop streams on YouTube, City Girl is the music for you

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what the fuck does lofi actually mean as a genre? because this stuff sure as hell isn't "low fidelity", nor does it artificially sound low fidelity

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@staticsafe in the 1990s used to describe a sort of cross between and , like , or , or , or the . Stuff recorded on 4-track and 8-track tapes in people's bedrooms. It expanded to include stuff influenced by them, like , who sounded like they were recorded in someone's bedroom, but I don't think they were. No idea what LoFi means now, or why it's applied to stuff that sounds to me like or .

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