I might be getting my hands on a 10 year old MacBook soon. What's the best distro of / to run on such a device?

@strypey I used to run Fedora on my 200? Macbook, but I felt it took too much memory. I ended up using a really barebones Debian, but I could have just run Debian with LXDE to make it easier.
tl;dr Debian with LXDE (you can choose that in the installer)


@deathmlem thanks for sharing your experiences. is a dead project since merging with to form . Besides which, I've found that uses about the same amount of system resources, while providing a much smoother . is definitely a contender:

@strypey I was excited to use LXQT but it's kinda wonky :/
I never tried Mate, and I switched back to MacOS

@deathmlem Mate is definitely worth giving a try. But if you are using a device that can run MacOS, I expect you'd be able to run Cinnamon, which is even nicer.

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