@adfeno @teslas_moustache why isn't using ? Straight seems like a strange choice for a server-side package.

@adfeno also, why start a new repo-hosting packages when there are already multiple free code options; , , , , and whatever runs on?

@strypey @adfeno Not sure why I'm mentioned on this, but the usual reasons for creating software that exists in other forms are usually

a) for the developer to scratch an itch. To express something that is difficult or impossible with the community/plan of another project.

b) so we have options.

GitLab = BSD. Gogs = MIT. Gitea = MIT. Phabricator = Apache. Savane = GPL

So licenses are all over the place anyway. Only Savane is GPL and IIRC it kinda sucks.

@strypey @adfeno @teslas_moustache I agree with you on the need for that question, although only #Kallithea, @conservancy and Bradley "bkuhn" Kuhn can answer that.

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