@Wolf480pl @Michcioperz I mean you could call reddit a social network and it's still got specialized communities, so it's not mutually exclusive

A solution to posts that don't add value to a discussion could be unlinking them from the thread. That way, they would still exist and be federated, but won't dilute the discussion.

@Karneolius @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @Michcioperz
> I wouldn't want Mastodon users suddenly appearing in my forum threads

I wouldn't want a lot of users appearing in my forum threads, but it doesn't stop Reddit from hosting some userful subreddits. The key is, as with Reddit, making sure the platform has moderation tools that are sufficiently powerful to create a curated space where useful contributions are rewarded and useless ones get no oxygen

@strypey @Karneolius @Wolf480pl I meant it as in, Mastodon is for microblogging, and I mostly associate that with rapid chat and not thought out dialogue I'd expect from forums

@Michcioperz @Karneolius @Wolf480pl@niu.moe sure but != Mastodon or just microblogging. It's also (blogging), (photos), (videos), and hopefully soon (code). Why not forums?

@strypey @Karneolius @Wolf480pl I don't say it is necessarily a bad idea. Forums seem to be fitting the AP model well. But when you're using hammer for everything, every new problem starts to look like a nail that needs hitting.
I don't remember what GitPub is about at the core but if we start federating git objects through AP I think I will be heavily disappointed

@Michcioperz @Karneolius @Wolf480pl@niu.moe is about federating together instances of , , etc, to create a similar to GH (everything is connected, low barrier to drive-by contributions), without forcing everyone to develop free code on a proprietary platform now owned by one of software freedom's oldest enemies

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