In case you think it's a good idea to build a business around another company's proprietary technology, this can (and does) happen: If you think this is a one-off, talk to someone who built a company or product around Microsoft Silverlight... That screwed a whole lot of unwise people over.

@lightweight [stares vacantly at the vast number of Unity projects]

@zensaiyuki I mean, just talk to all the folks who built their entire business around Macromedia/Adobe Flash. Poor sausages.

@lightweight i tried to warn them but they seem to be very firmly of the belief that this time it will be different, and point to all the assurances Unity has made.

@lightweight it hasn’t even been that long and already you can’t reliably use unity on the web.

@zensaiyuki the astute tech entrepreneur is making a note of all these bits of biz intel :)

Microsoft Phone 

Microsoft Phone 

Microsoft Phone 

@pierrepaul I won a public bet that WinPhone was going to fail spectacularly in the market. WinPhone did not disappoint. :)

@lightweight one of my first jobs was being the junior dev in an absolute unending death march of a silverlight app with no tests whatsoever.

Kinda feel the schadenfreude...

@codeforchaos I know I do (feel Schadenfreude). People who get themselves that situation - making the decision to build their business on that sort of proprietary tech - are deeply foolish and naive. I feel sad for them, but it's their own damn fault for trusting a mega corporation.

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