@schestowitz I'm aware of similar (and possibly worse!) behaviour here in NZ... and there's the resignation of Peter Quinn in Massachusetts who was working to mandate open standards for file formats... techrights.org/2019/06/20/micr

Here's an article on Quinn cio.com/article/2447090/a-win-

@lightweight We always want to hear and tell more stories, if you can share some...

@schestowitz in about 2000, I wrote an open letter to NZ's parliament about their ill-advised consumption of proprietary software... here's the letter (thanks to archive.org): web.archive.org/web/2010102720 and here's the list of 435 NZers who'd signed it at the time: web.archive.org/web/2010102801 - one of them worked for local gov't and told me that Microsoft NZ had contacted his boss and informed them that they would lose their right to use the "all-of-gov't"...


@schestowitz Microsoft agreement... if he didn't get his name taken of the list (It's possible others similarly manipulated. but as I didn't know many of these co-signers personally, I didn't hear of any more). The guy I knew was livid - there were actually insinuations from his boss at the council that he'd lose his job if he didn't get his name scrubbed from the list...

@schestowitz but it's still on there... and he no longer works for gov't.

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