I've noticed lots of people talk about being "too busy" to take care of lots of things, and overwhelmed by stimuli (mostly digital) and yet people don't seem to have the discipline to put the digital device down. Seems like addiction - encouraged by a few usual suspects - on a societal scale & I think we need to admit it's a problem. Otherwise, (climate change notwithstanding) I fear we're headed for a sticky end.

In the past, we defined dangerous addictive behaviour by comparing the behaviour of the supposed addict with social norms... in the case of digital afflictions... the norm might not be instructive - I suspect most of us have a problem. But that doesn't make it any less harmful. Think we should reconsider our criteria for dangerous behaviour.

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@Cyborgneticz just proving to yourself that you can put it down when you say you will (start with modest goals :) ) is empowering, I've found. And, of course, it's crucial to be very hard on yourself if you use it in ways that put others in danger (e.g. txting while driving).

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