Great to hear folks on RNZ realise that we've let the US-based tech megacorps get away from us... and that they have monopolies that need to be pulled back... decisively. And yes, we won't get support from the US gov't - they're too corrupt. Time to deal with the chickens we've brought home to roost by being blind to their activities...

Seems to me the best thing NZ can do is divest of all of those monopolistic megacorps (to be specific: FB, MSFT, APPL, Amazon, Oracle, etc.) and work towards a domestically supported IT infrastructure. We can do it. Easily.

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@lightweight Microsoft generally has their fingers deep inside many institutions such as Massey University. Many of the papers offered I couldn't do because they were Microsoft tech specific.

@SenojEkul Yes, that's the inherent inequity of proprietary software. It's simply wrong that Massey inflicted that upon you. Even more than any other organisations, our publicly funded learning institutions should be fully open on principle, and not engage with proprietary software whatsoever.

@SenojEkul and, just to nip it in the bud as a justification, no, the fact that "industry uses it" isn't a reason to justify introduction of proprietary tech into the curriculum. It's unnecessary from a learning perspective, and very very unhelpful.

@lightweight all those points are what I argued, and generally succeeded with due to some professors being open minded about it all.

@SenojEkul good to hear it. Yes, we need to speak up against the colonisation of our educational institutions by proprietary interests, whose underlying motivation is to monopolise the tech world for their sole benefit...

@SenojEkul I'm pleased to hear that about some of your professors... we should name them and praise them for their vision, and ability to see beyond kickbacks that many of them get from said would be monopolists...

@lightweight @SenojEkul Definitely! Schools should be teaching concepts rather than specific tools!

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