Hi Devs,

When I search Fediverse using Mastodon over , I'm logged out:

> Due to a bug in our code or a browser compatibility issue, this page could not be displayed correctly. Try refreshing the page.
> If that does not help, you may still be able to use Mastodon through a different browser or native app.
> Mastodon v3.1.3

The error screen runs Javascript that slows the browser, then I am logged off.


Often, when I try to login again it says "Security verification failed. Are you blocking cookies?".

Not being about to search means I'm not able to communicate properly. I can't see if others have already reported certain things, etc.



@juliank I need to upgrade us to 3.2.0 :) Will try to fit that in over the coming few days.

@lightweight Aha! Fantastic. Hopefully that'll do the trick. 😅 No rush, of course.

@juliank not sure if the upgrade will fix that issue, though... have you checked the Mastodon issue queue to see if anyone else has reported it?

@lightweight OIC. There's this:

What I've written could be appended to it. After I search what happens is "0 results for <SEARCH_TERM>" appears on the screen and half a second later, the entire screen goes to that error screen.

"Safest" Tor mode block's unsafe javascript and Web Assembly. Maybe there is some dark incantation in the searching results code?

Maybe if you tag a dev then they'll see this. I can't search for them on here or it'll crash.

@lightweight Interestingly, I can click hashtags, and see results. I'm just not able to use the search field.

@juliank I haven't used Mastodon via Tor, so I'm afraid I haven't experienced any of those problems... that said, our search implementation has been somewhat problematic, so the planned upgrade might fix that, which might, in turn, address your problem... We'll find out :)

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