i still don't know exactly how much stuff i'll end up having, but given what i fit into this keeping it at the weight limit i think that i should definitely be good with just my carryon and two checked bags

i'll have a little bit of stuff i leave at home, that will be set aside and i can bring back in future visits

some of my books, etc

i may end up having to pay for one checked bag to be over the weight limit

i may not

i'm not sure

@ky0ko if you have an extra bag it’s usually cheaper to pay for a 3rd than an overweight fee

@foxwitch i already checked, the fee for overweight and the fee for third bag is the same, and since i don't already have a third bag, the overweight fee is a better option


@ky0ko @foxwitch If you know where you're going, it may also be cheaper to ship the extra bag ... slower perhaps and a little more stress, but cheaper ...

@jim @foxwitch i don't. i'm already planning on doing that actually so part of this whole thing is balancing shipping vs bringing with both from a financial standpoint and a how-bad-do-i-want-it standpoint

another option is, for future flights, for example where i'm visiting family, i can pack light and then bring back some of my stuff

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