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Phone auto updates got stuck a year or so ago. They just unblocked. Flurry of updates. Icons change colour every time I look. Apps may or may not run etc.

For those wishing to keep their news dose, but leave Twitter for Mastodon, you can follow @rnzfans over there to read it.


Someone was nice enough to note that you can even 3D print a tablet press:


When someone on amphetamines makes a (second) ill-advised decision and fabricates a firearm. Folks, I give you the "Smith and Methson" double-barrelled ... thing.


Hey this is only a word in the and even then it's slang. Don't do that.
Not impressed.

320 X/6



Do have any reckons on petitioning RNZ to put their news feed on Mastodon?

I should image there are players across the globe going "WTF?" today, and rightly so.

Wordle 320 5/6

Colour me unimpressd.

I'm spotting a familiar theme in our government's recent grand plans: More top management is the solution. Again, those already doing the work know what needs doing. They just need the funds to do it.

Dear . When was the last time NZ managed to generate all of the days grid power from renewables?


This is really stupid. Hydrogen is a terrible method of energy transmission except for a few small specialised applications.

It's being pushed by fossil gas companies who own pipes and who can make dirty hydrogen by steam reforming of methane.

Please RT


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