@futuresprog Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when his country needs him?

@scruss After all that the ESP32 lvgl implementation seems to miss every other horizontal line of pixels out of converted fonts. Tried it using their online converter from a TTF too. Same thing. Ffffffff.....

@scruss Ooooh, it drops it in /usr/local/bin - which isn't in my PATH

@scruss I get "Requirement already satisfied" but how the hell do I run it?

@scruss So "poetry" is supposed to manage python libraries, right? Running "poetry run bdf2lvgl /home/vik/Downloads/9x15.bdf" results in:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bdflib'

If I sudo python3.9 -m pip install bdflib, it doesn't help. Very clever. Arrrgh!

Thanks! I suspect some beating up with fontforge will occur.

Not managing to convert X11 Misc normal 9x15. I need a monospace font with macrons and acute/grave accents on all vowels.

In this implementation screen rotate is broken. Had to fix in hardware. Fortunately enough cable and room to flip the display over!

Again Wordle disappoints with a non-English word.

Wordle 377 5/6


Out with u8g2, in with LVGL.

If you understand this, you will understand why I'm a bit ... frayed.

I'm sick and tired of seeing respectable news outlets wrapping unchecked bullshit around tragic and very real events. It's a disgrace to those who have been killed, and an insult to the intelligence of others.

It's about creating hate to feed enthusiasm for a war that will kill millions. Little things like this will spin off of it.

@brennen @scruss Slice of candle in our house. Fun to make, and could be modified (wire with a loop in the end instead of stick) into a thing that climbed a piece of string really, really fast!

@bigblen You see, that just doesn't match my interpretation of "fuck all" - I'd venture to say that large droplets of virus could possibly be infectious, and people around me wouldn't want 'em. YMMV

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