Sadly, NZ's failed the "don't get sucked into US corporate-driven trade policy" recommendation completely.

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One thing NZ should definitely be avoiding is adopting US/Silicon Valley-style Venture Capital culture. It's driven purely by profit, it's committed to unhealthy US corporate tech dependence, and creates weak companies destined (at best) for offshore purchase, who contribute little to NZ & seldom produce anything good for humanity or the planet. They invented surveillance capitalism & "first hit's free" loss-leading tech capture to co-opt businesses early.

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I have the strong impression that VCs tend to have strong confirmation bias based on whatever fluke (of birth or business "success") put them into the position of being a VC... leading to repetition of previous ill-advised approaches & generally fails to identify real, valuable novelty. And ethics (*why* are we doing this?) doesn't even feature.

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@lightweight Vulture Capitalists in new Zealand are basically a way of siphoning skills and markets overseas by inserting (usually) American corporates into the board and taking it over. Once infested, the core of the business is then ripped out and sold overseas, usually to buddies of the stacked board. The remains collapse, but that's New Zealand's problem.

@vik yes, that's been my observation over the past 20 years, too. Not something I buy into :)

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