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"If we were Facebook, we would choose which stories each user ought to see. But that’s ridiculous. It sounds like Moscow, 1934."

Farcebook as the of digital totalitarianism. I never thought of it quite like this, but it's bang on.

OK, my wife and I finally got around to giving our koha to the Tapu te Ranga rebuild fund. Now there's no excuse! ;)

The 2019 iteration of , the open source digital design conference, takes place from September 27th to 29th in Bordeaux, France:

you ever heard that the squeaky wheel gets oiled? I am that squeaky wheel.

Since my last update, the crowdfunding for the Tapu te Ranga rebuild has made it almost half way from NZ$90,000 to $100,000. Let's get them over the line! If you still haven't got around to contributing (guilty secret - I haven't yet), it's never too late.

"The totalist confession takes on a number of special meanings. It is first a vehicle for the kind of personal purification which we have just discussed, a means of maintaining a perpetual inner emptying or psychological purge of impurity; this purging milieu enhances the totalists' hold upon existential guilt. Second, it is an act of symbolic self-surrender, the expression of the merging of individual and environment."

"Therefore, one of his best way to relieve himself of some of his burden of guilt is to denounce, continuously and hostilely, these same outside influences. The more guilty he feels, the greater his hatred, and the more threatening they seem. In this manner, the universal psychological tendency toward "projection" is nourished and institutionalized, leading to mass hatreds, purges of heretics, and to political and religious holy wars."

"The individual thus comes to apply the same totalist polarization of good and evil to his judgments of his own character: he tends to imbue certain aspects of himself with excessive virtue, and condemn even more excessively other personal qualities - all according to their ideological standing. He must also look upon his impurities as originating from outside influences - that is, from the ever-threatening world beyond the closed, totalist ken."

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If you are hosting your own email, or community-hosting email, and having trouble staying off spam lists, apparently sending only plain text email (not HTML email) helps. I'm guessing keeping links and attachments to a minimum probably do too.

"Not everybody will ... just do it for the cause. Most people they basically want to get through the day and they will use whatever they feel is the best solution to get them through the day."
- of , in conversation with on

Here's your irregular reminder to watch , the excellent 2003 that explains what corporations are, how they came about, and how they're responsible for most of the dark patterns that turn massively organized human effort into disease pandemics, homelessness, starvation (mostly among poor farmers!), environmental destruction, mass surveillance, and so on:

" is a new model for distributed, community-driven stewardship of data. This model shows how groups of people, companies, institutions, NGOs, and governments can use decentralized and peer-to-peer web infrastructure to access, discover, verify, and preserve data they care about. We hope to build a future in which networks of collaborators make their data accessible to their peers, immediately discoverable, easily verifiable, and robustly preserved."

I noted some time back that were also developing a digital wallet feature for their chat app. Having seen their tech integrated into FB Messenger, I have to wonder if some of those millions FB have given to (developers of Signal) have been funding them to work on the underlying tech of Libra for them. This potentially means that volunteers are working on code for Signal's payments features, thinking they are supporting , but actually working for FB.

So FarceBook are finally going full and integrating a digital payments system, entitled "" into their social network and chat monopoly. The campaign aims to challenge the misinformation FB are putting out to promote Libra (eg that it's a - it's not) and mobilize resistance against it:

Hey , have you heard of HTML? It's this great tool that allows you to display text, graphics, audio, and video in a web page (with some CSS for layout), without any need for . Check it out!

New blog post, just syndicated the write-up of our latest chat testing session, as written up by Naughtylus:

Also, this is an example of what can happen when we normalize the idea of blocking groups of people from otherwise neutral technical platforms for political reasons. Which is why I've been consistently arguing against developers' decision to block a certain domain name in their app, despite sympathizing with their political motivations for doing so.

Remember when a bunch of us were lamenting the end of as a (somewhat) neutral development platform for development, after it got bought by , and lots of people were trying to tell us it was fine? Now they're enforcing racist trade sanctions on behalf of the US government:

Now I'm not one to say I told you so, but it's even clearer now how important code forge federation projects like and are.

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