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> I don't see how this type of content can lead to dangers concerning one's real identity.

1) any community that enforces "real name" policies risks creating the negative effects described by @pulledfromthewater (among others), regardless of the purpose or content of that site.

2) on the net, no one cares that you're a dog. Communities need tools for evaluating users on the merit of their contributions, not their personal attributes. dev proves this is possible


> you can update GParted on live.

Sure, but you have to remember to do that every time you boot into it. Or you can just update your GParted live USB every so often.

> slightly outdated version is not very risky.

... but inherently more risky than an up-to-date version. The GParted is the 8.0 of Trisquel live dates back to April 2016, almost 4 years out of date.

> risk is always there

Yes, but using up-to-date software is one way to reduce it.

Thanks @bhaugen . I'm not sure I can see the issue with the original link. I think I used to read it, and since I use I see less crazy flashing lights stuff on the web anyway.

> i dont gardenpost on the fediverse much because a community isn't here so far.

Bit of a catch 22 there ;) If we discuss it, they will come? Maybe more use of tags like or when those topics come up might help?

@ajeremias @xj9

@hushroom pruning is as much an art as a science. The most basic rule of thumb is if you're not sure, don't cut. Anything that's obviously diseased or growing towards a place you don't want it is probably OK to cut. Different kinds of trees need different pruning approaches, but in all cases its important to think carefully about your desired shape and function.
@ajeremias @xj9

@m4iler I guess that's a potential failure mode. But the idea was more like 'if I bully people on the social network, I can only talk to my F2F friends on it until I improve my behaviour enough to earn wider reach', as determined by those actual friends, and their teachers.

@wyatwerp not something hardware mass manufacturers are likely to sell, but I was thinking more of a standardized hardware hack that could be sold as an add-on.

@self not yet.

My working theory is that existing markets in creative labour are not even vaguely meritocratic. Who gets to make money from creative labour is determined by a combination of corporate patronage, popularity contests, and dumb luck. Another theory I have a strong confirmation bias against is that its totally meritocratic and my creative work has no value ;)

One of the coolest creative communities I've ever lived in was an old farmhouse nestled in Hamilton East, which is now facing demolition:

"What we are looking at [in Asian economies in the 1990s] is not so much the social consequences of economic reforms, but the economic consequences of social reforms. The market economy flourishes on the foundations of such social development. As India has been lately recognizing, lack of social development can quite severely hold up the reach of economic development."
- , 'Development as Freedom'

... for December 22 that is. Also, happy new year to everyone in the darkened northern hemisphere, and to those using north-centric calendars in the sunnier southern hemisphere :)

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Maybe this could be something groups like could develop in the future?

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looking at digital TVs and wondering how hard it would be to convert them into simple libre systems. Thinking about a single-board gaming consoles that could be hooked up directly to the hardware inside the TV, replacing the default OS, with games on SDcard or USB 3.0 storage. Then thinking about a standard mount that could be added to the back, to accommodate and connect the console board, allowing it to be easily upgraded for as long as the TV hardware is working.

@superruserr there's a period film, The Lives of Others, based on the life of a officer. Also, it's only peripherally related, but , the about surveillance, includes an interview with a woman who was monitored and arrested by the Stasi for anti-nuclear peace campaigning.

Curiously, according to, the homepage is estimated to emit only 0.11g of carbon per page load:

... while other pages are more like 0.63g:

... and probably a lot more with the embedded YT videos running.

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.org can't even do basic navigation around the site without allowing from Not even a website.

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