> I wish there was a decentralized effort I could help crowdfund.

There are *heaps* of decentralized efforts you could help crowdfund! Jami, for example, is entirely P2P (no servers). I suspect it would be help tremendously to have a paid designer or two to work on the and coordinate formal testing. That way, the engineers could focus their time and energy on improving the performance of the back-end, and adding features.

What do you think @AmarOk ?

Chances are everything Tidelift does could be done without any client-side scripting at all.

@Gargron maybe you could put the signup page on mastodon.social behind a few clicks?
* have a 'new account' button on the front page
* that links to a second page explaining why you'd rather folks join a different instance, and offering a link to joinmastodon.org (and maybe fediverse.party?)
* at the bottom of that page, have 'no I *really* want to be on mastodon.social' link, which links to actual signup form.

Come on , do you really need to serve from 12 third-party domains? Surely static HTML/CSS is all you need for this simple brochureware web page, for example:

I'm looking for some programmers and types willing to work on a fork of , aimed at orgs who might want to self-host a single Loomio group with subgroups, without the overhead of the full multi-group stack. It would need support for (using open standards like etc), so orgs can integrate their Loomio group with other self-hosted tools. Bonus points for achieving between instances. The existing Loomio stack is and :

I spoke too soon ;) I continued testing Jami and hit a number of problems with text messages delivery, even though the other user shows up as online, and with video message delivery. Something to do with the connection between the UI and the network daemon perhaps? Voice message was worked pretty reliably, but now it's giving me an error "unjoinable peer".

@clacke well, it's not possible without the message sync feature. Once that's shipped, I guess we'll find out if they've thought of it ;)

@administrator win32-loader.exe seems like what I'm looking for, thanks :)

Anyone else got any experience with using that? Any known gotchas to be aware of?
@onymous @xj9 @csolisr @vik

@clacke OK that sounds ... far beyond the skills of the average user. Hopefully once they ship the group chat/ message sync features, they will consider having the mobile app looks for a desktop app on the same account to use, and sync messages from that, and only connecting to the P2P network when that's not available.

I'm trying to recondition a PC so old it can't boot from USB. Can anyone recommend a way to make an OS partition and install GNU/Linux from inside ? Bonus points for ways that involve installing and using tools on Windows ;)

@clacke I don't exactly follow what they said, do you?

@clacke the desktop app is worth a play.

> maybe have a true peer in your home and use your phone as a satellite to that peer.

I suggested exactly this the other day. One of the devs replied:

♻️ jami has improved markedly 

I just forked a thread on for the first time. I proposed the feature back when the app was still in beta, so it's great to see it implemented by the Loomio team. The is a little bit non-intuitive though.

@dwaltiz that would imply some shared agreements about how to implement a jerk protocol ;P

@onymous have you tried , a P2P app for text/ voice/ video chat? It's more like social networking than social media.

@hambibleibt the biggest problem with from a POV is the fragmentation across OS platforms. Apps for some OS have group chat, while others don't. Anyone could develop an app compatible with the protocol set uses, but the dev team has an app for each major OS, and features roll out across all of them at the same time. Jami also seems to progress steadily, while Tox dev seems to have been in hibernation for some time.

@feld it's about strategy, not purity. It's worth planting tomatoes for next month even when you can buy them from a corporate big box store today.

You'd think would be the sort of place where a student would learn about the relevant projects I found a bunch of article about with a quick web search.

* fosspost.org/alternative-softw
* goodfirms.co/blog/best-free-op
* ubuntupit.com/best-open-source

@kino @FuckOffGoogle @hambibleibt

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