@noorul just as well. Now you're the one mentoring me about IP leaks ;)

@noorul I could be wrong, but I believe people are asked not to use media-heavy sites (including YT) via Tor as it creates high bandwidth costs for people running exit nodes?

@LeftCoast these people are all speculating. Here it is from the horses mouth:
"In the longer term, most Razor-qt components will fully be integrated into the LXDE-Qt and both teams will focus on the same project. Looking further ahead, the GTK version of LXDE will be dropped and all efforts will be focused on the Qt port. "

@aeveltstra de nada :) It's got it's flaws, but I like the concept, and it was fun to play with at a hackathon I was at last year.
@z428 @alcinnz

@highfellow I love the idea. The UX needs work. No idea if it can do stuff like tables. But it's great as a proof-of-concept/

@rick_777 I think they might be using a GNU social server, instead of one capable of reconstructing threads the way Mastodon and Pleroma do it?
@z428 @alcinnz

@rick_777 nah. The web is just a digital book that can be read by anyone in the world with a nework connection. The dystopia is all the corporate fuckpuppetry that's been built around the web.
@z428 @alcinnz

@lightweight just to put that into a local context, a lot of small community groups are run by people on benefits, because they are some of the only people in Aotearoa with enough free time to do so. I did this, living on about NZ$200 a week, for 20 years before coming to China.

@lightweight so if I'm a small, volunteer-run community group looking for free code website dev, is there a discount? Or do you do a certain number of pro bono projects? Or do I just have to look elsewhere?
@clacke @lightweight

@Jason_Dodd lots of hardware doesn't work on vanilla Debian. If it did, Debian wouldn't include all the non-free hacks it does to get around that, and would be endorsed by the .
@bob @resist__berlin

@clacke @lain also these days it's more cows and wineries and movie productions, than sheep and fruit ;)

@clacke There's a reason bought land in NZ - you don't even need to be a resident - and every other rich f%^$r who wants a bolthole if the revolution comes is doing it too. We are ! It's even in the name! If you read up about property prices in the bigger cities in NZ (where most of the kiwi folks are), they are some of highest in the world relative to incomes. Besides only some of the folks live there these days, it's a multinational cooperation.

@certifiedperson there is plenty of nonviolent resistance resources going back to the 90s (in digital form) and further back to , , and . Maybe it's just that and peace movement folks don't tend to be as in-ya-face about proselytizing our methods as "bash the fash" gangsters, tending more towards the 'lighted candle' approach.

@kensanata keep in mind that even really active users like me sometimes don't login for a month (I won't be over the month from tomorrow). It doesn't mean they've abandoned their account. Also keep in mind that I have a bunch of testing accounts on different platforms, which I don't login to often, and I doubt I'm the only one.

@clacke that's not impression that was given by the merger announcement. You could say the ends (the vital and growing we have now) justifies the means, but I tend to think that honesty is the best policy (unless someone will be endangered as a result) ...

@selea ah! make sense now :) It would be great if all the monitoring sites could share node data somehow ...

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