reports that are also working on low-budget mobile devices, like the , but much, *much* cheaper:

Low income supporter of ? Balking at the price of buying a / laptop from boutique suppliers like ? Check out the that offers for US$99 "on first come first served basis".

But ...
"... please bear in mind that we are offering the Pinebook at this price as a community service to PINE64, Linux and BSD communities. We make no profit from selling these units."

I'm so sick of websites websites refusing to even display text and images if I don't agree to run their proprietary Javascript on my computer. Isn't it time that browsers started treating requests to run Javascript like requests to use the mic or camera, and asked the user before allowing them? Ideally with crowdsourced info about what the scripts are, and what they do? In other words, make something like a standard part of browsers.

"If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser.

Please enable JavaScript to make this website work."

Since 9/11 the left has consistently said that the solution to political violence is *not* to take away our , increase , or demonize entire minority groups with which violent extremists are seen to be associated. We've said it even though we find the attitudes and practices of militant Islamism abhorrent (as do many Muslims). We must have the intellectual courage to keep saying it if there are attempts to use Friday as an excuse for anti-more democratic reforms.

The bottom line is that Muslim have been murdered by the thousands since the white supremacist invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US military, which the military has been an uncritical partner in. Since then, white supremacist militias and individuals have carried out more acts of political violence against people in the US than any other group. Friday's shooting was part of a well-established pattern of pretending Muslims are a violent threat, and using that as an excuse to kill them.

White supremacists were smashing up Jewish graveyards and daubing swastika symbols on the homes of Muslim people in the mid-2000s. Then there was this:

"The mosque at the centre of Friday's horrific massacre in Christchurch was previously subjected to the delivery of boxes of pigs heads by Hitler-saluting men who boasted 'Bring on the cull'."

The claim that NZ law enforcement had no way of knowing about the risks of white supremacist violence is utterly false.

Organized white supremacist violence in is hardly a new problem. I'm aware of organizations like and the that were active in the 1990s, and probably existed much longer than this. People I know, myself included, have been the target of that violence going back to the late 1990s, including one gay teenager I knew who was murdered in 1999:

Another man, a Korean tourist, was murdered by skinheads in 2003:

@dredmorbius exactly the same is true of people with militant nationalist sympathies. When you add in the fact that cultivating a sense of victimhood is a key driver of fascism (see 's video debunking 's ahistorical nonsense about the Nazis), as it cultivating grandiose ideas of a historical destiny to fight the oppressors of the nationalist in-group, repressing white nationalism is classic case of feeding the trolls. Nothing could help fascist recruiting more. (2/2)

@dredmorbius I think you've missed the point. Kennedy was commenting on the violence of left-wing groups like the Weather Underground. His argument was that if people with militant socialist sympathies are prevented from engaging in non-violent political activity by anti-democratic laws targeting them for their beliefs (eg COINTELPRO), it makes more extreme and violent tactics seem justified. As does isolating them from mainstream political debate. (1/2)

@wire if that's true (citation please?), it could mean gets a big chunk of its funding from FB, just as Mozilla got (gets?) a big chunk for goOgle. Worth keeping in mind when analyzing their tech decisions and public statements.

@wire perhaps I'm getting confused between , , and . From what I remember, Moxie liberated the Signal client source before setting up , but resisted releasing the server source for some time, claiming there was no point. Just as he still claims there's no point replacing Google Play Services in mainstream Signal, or distributing the Android client in , or supporting between servers. Some people discussing this in 2016:

@tootbrute it certainly seems to debunk Moxie's 'Ecosystem is Moving' rubbish about federation being obsolete.

also confirmed that while the company is focused on supporting their existing web client and the desktop clients using the wrapper, they welcome the community to help develop alternative clients to be used with their service, like (currently in alpha):

... and in , not only confirms they're working on secure, federated chat, but will be part of the protocol being standardized at the :
"During this interim the proposal was made to include federation more strongly in the design considerations and the proposal was adopted as a future goal for MLS. Wire's goal has always been to achieve federation between different compatible backends and this brings us one step closer to that goal!"

@ohyran @dyamon
BTW I've been curating a list of software relevant to voice/ video and conference calls, contributions welcome!

@ohyran @dyamon Jitsi, like most stacks, leans heavily on the client-side computers. The helps share the load of the streaming video to some degree, but it's not really practical on older computers, and I'm not sure how well it handles mobiles. If you've all got reasonably recent 64-bit hardware (I'd say less than 5 years old), it could work for you. I don't think it supports any encryption, but you could self-host to reduce your visibility compared to the hosted service.

3) The only connection between white nationalism and socialisms (including anarchism) is that when capitalists feel threatened by anti-capitalist movements that are gaining political momentum - like and his fellow anti-democratic "neo-reactionaries" - , they use white nationalism to distract and misdirect people who might otherwise have join the anti-capitalist movements, and get them to fight against their class and their own interests. This is also how the Nazis happened. (3/2)

@stevenroose yup, these are the challenges. I think community-hosting is more viable than self-hosting as a large-scale replacements for the . I don't use GMail anymore (not for my primary email addresses anyway), and the replacements have come a long way. I used (on and (on, they're not bad for hosted web apps, and is worth checking out as an in-browser client on your own device (dunno if there is a mobile version).

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