I've been having a really tough time in the last few weeks and this literally just made my day 😊 Go @debian !

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Classic misleading headline:

"Facebook Axed Pro-Vaccine Ads, Let Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracies Slip Through"

What the article actually says:

Facebook Pro-Vaxx Filters Sometines Fail To Filter Out Anti-Vaxx Propaganda and Occasionally Filter Pro-Vaxx Stuff

I get that it's not as salacious as a headline, but ..

@ialokim In that spirit, but with a much more detailed HowTo aspect.


> putting conspiratorialists together ... somewhat violates this principle

Maybe. There's something to said for quarantine in the case of meme-as-virus. Perhaps meme-as-alcohol is a better metaphor? With delusion being akin to alcoholism. A 12-step group brings addicts together, but with a set of protocols carefully designed to avoid having them reinforce each others' addictions.


I don't have a lot of technical skills beyond installing software and searching the web for help and fixes for any problems I encounter. I think "power users" like me often undervalue our potential contributions to liberating software, because we're not coders or graphic designers. But because we spend a lot of time teaching ourselves how to use software, and hack around bugs, we can give really useful UX feedback to dev teams, and share hard-won experience with less confident users.

In hindsight I was suffering from a similar malady to Rokeach, summed up in his quote about his failure to cure the three christs; "It did cure me of my godlike delusion that I could manipulate them out of their beliefs".

My delusion was that faulty belief systems can always be corrected by a sufficiently open-ended debate, rather than manipulation.


@londubh @dredmorbius

@londubh I often used to encourage friends who were conspiracy theorist (or marxists ;) to hang out with each other, hoping that either they'd see themselves in each other and gain more ability to self-correct. Or that together they could do enough research to actually convince me of something, allowing *me* to self-correct.



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Any of you guys know if one's IP address or hostname can be masked in Transmission like in Ktorrent where you can send the tracker custom IPs etc?

#transmission #torrent

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Even if you don't really support the representative government system, or just don't support any of the parties with a realistic chance of getting represented, you can:

* make a protest vote for a small party you do support


* pick the party you think most likely to screw up the country in government and vote for the party or candidate that would annoy them the most ;)

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Hey kiwis, if you haven't done it already, remember to vote! Polling is open now and will close at 7pm, but you want to get it done well before that. Remember that if you haven't registered already, you can do it when you get there. Remember also that the outcomes of the two referenda will affect your life and those of your loved ones whether or not you care about which parties form a government.

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is yet another reason why FB needs to be replaced with something decentralized. Whether by the fediverse, the matrix, the jabberverse, etc evolving to the point where we can liberate its users from the datafarms, or by FB being broken up by antitrust regulation actions, or a pincer movement involving both.

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I just heard that FB took down the Advance NZ party page. I have no time for their brand of knee-jerk conspiracy-mongering. But it really bothers me that a US corporation can remove a key communication tool from a NZ political party, especially in the final days of an election campaign.

Also, have these people not heard of the Streisand Effect? It's almost as if US corporations want to help Advance pull more votes ...

I think it would also be really good if the PeerTube UI made it clear to users whether a video is hosted locally on the PT instance the user finds it on, or elsewhere. That way if a PT instance decided to include an Individious/ CloudTube style plugin for video meta-search, the same UI elements could be used to indicate where each video in the search results is hosted.

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* Local: search only this PeerTube site

* Community: search all PeerTube sites approved by this one

* Global: search the whole PeerTube network (with a warning: higher risk of finding porn, fake news etc)

* Meta: includes attempts to search any other video site not part of the PT network ( eg YT, Vimeo), with priority placed on supporting other free code video hosting software like MediaGoblin, Plumi etc Could be maintained as a plug-in that PT admins could choose whether to use or not


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it just occurred to me that video search on a PeerTube site could have a number of scope options, like local, community, global, meta.


Nihao @sunquan maybe you and your students could have a look at this free code game and give the developer some feedback about what it's like to play with non-English keyboards?

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So, I'd like some feedback on this game that I'm making on my free time 🔍

I'm especially interested in feedback from people using a non-latin based keyboard as I don't know how these work. I'm thinking #Chinese, #Japanese, #Vietnamese, #Hindi, #Russian? etc. 🌏

Is this game still relevant and accessible to you? ⌨️

Here's a link to a longer description (in English):

and the link to the game itself:

Boosts welcome! 😊

#AskYourNetwork #gamedev

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