@Kelly_NAproducR you can try the decentralized search engine on a normal web browser via:

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👀 Āpōpō is #Wellington's only Indigenous #coworking, #innovation and event space. Here to grow #Māori + #Indigenous peoples participation, success & leadership in the CreativeTech industry...


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The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right.
-- Henry David Thoreau

#anarchism #quote #bot

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How often do you review package.json for deps or security issues on your projects?

@aral good stuff. I note that a whole bunch of software freedom advocates have been the subject of character assassination within (and/ or by) some of these same organizations, increasing at about the same rate as Surveillance Capitalist sponsorship of open source and privacy events. Interesting coincidence ...

A modern fairytale about the consequences of letting the tools we use be controlled by their manufacturers:

@Wolf480pl "radical" comes from the Latin for "root", and describes the political approach of trying to identify and address the root cause of problems , rather than flailing away at the symptoms, to little lasting effect (reformist politics). "Radicalization", used correctly, refers to the process by which activists learn to dig deeper into causes, not the process of being recruited and indoctrinated by extreme reactionaries (who are the polar opposite of radical).


> I bet that if browsers natively implemented top handful of ethical use cases for JS most websites would not need any scripts to work.

Most websites don't need JS to work already. But they use it anyway.

I suspect because most web developers are self-taught, and mimic each others' (anti-)patterns, so they don't have to understand the various black boxes they plug together. As long as the paying client is happy ...


@dsfgs @alcinnz

> Diaspora is an open source federated version of Facebook

Not really. The only things that make substantially different from Mastodon are:
* no char limits on posts (by default)
* slightly saner display of threads
* the ability to post to groups of users defined by interests etc, as well as public or DM.

It lacks most of the killer features of FB (realtime chat, events etc) and is more like a federated G+.

Some software, like and , is compatible with both federation standards. too if the instance and channel uses the add-on for it, although I'm told that can break compatibility with some features of , its native federation protocol.

@techit no. Mastodon only federates over . Diaspora only federates using its own variant of the standard. The two are not compatible.


@bigblen yes, I've been following the development of and having arguments with the lead dev about the value of drive-by contributions, especially by non-coders ;)

@Wolf480pl agreed. I strongly dislike the misuse of "radicalization" to describe recruitment by cryptofascists of various flavours (white nationalist, islamist, zionist etc)

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