I don't see any major problems with defamation law in practice. Updating those laws to provide *civil* recourse to *group* defamation (eg "all Jews are fraudsters and thieves") seems quite reasonable to me, whereas creating speech crimes doesn't.

> it would definitely be good for to provide that capability.

I believe @snikket_im has received funding to implement account migration in XMPP. I presume it will be incorporated upstream in Prosody. Is that correct @mattj ?

Isn't it fantastic! I only have one episode left to watch. Gutted they never made another series. Will be interesting to see if the upcoming live action remake is any better than the Ghost in the Shell movie.

I'm in the classic situation of having data fragmented across multiple devices, with different storage capacities. I need to organize it and make sure I've got multiple copies of anything irreplaceable. I want to use some data on some device but not others I don't trust USB hard drives (got burned last time I tried to defrag my data), and I don't want to use proprietary software or corporate datafarming "services". I feel totally overwhelmed!

Having a vehicle depend on an electrical speedometer seems like a bad idea. A bug in your speedo software could be life-threatening.

Again, most of Drew's complaints are about things being added to the web and to browsers, not HTML files.

Ok, that's new information to me, thanks for the links. I agree that legal bans can't be justified on the basis of lack of equipment or connectivity. Will be interesting to see what difference access to computers and the net makes to people's lives in Cuba.

Weird. Do you know why those offers were rejected?

Hubzilla is fantastic in that respect. It would be great if @snikket_im could eventually support a similar system of cloning user accounts across multiple servers. But from what little I understand of XMPP that would require some radical changes to the protocol.


I would support laws against hate speech that make it a civil offence not a criminal one, like copyright violation. One that can lead to reputational damage and orders to pay the legal costs of bringing the complaint. Maybe also reparations to the complainant, either the person targeted, or an organization representing a targeted group.

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The government rejects the criminalization of speech when the CCP is doing it in Hong Kong or Xinjiang, but in they want to...

"... move hate speech into the Crimes Act and increase the penalties from up to three months' imprisonment or a fine of up to $7000, to up to three years' imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000."


It would be good if we could work up a standard process for winding up hosted services, giving users some warning and a timeline for migrating to a new host (where technically possible). Or even a possibility for others in the community to take over admin and financial responsibility for the service.


"[Newham] has sought to meet growing housing needs through CLTs. These share common principles of community involvement in key decisions about what, where and for whom land is used and how housing is provided. Usually, the community group will take a formal role in the ownership and stewardship of homes, with this role being legally protected for the long term."

- , 2021


This reminds me of the TV Tom Paris replicates in Voyager 😆


> PDF has many shortcomings. But … it stands in opposition to the mercenary, dynamic web …

Seems like the author is blaming the web for the excessive use of Javascript in contemporary web development practice. Don't HTML files have all the same benefits they identify in a PDF without the shortcomings?

> there's also trustroots

... and Couchsurfing, HospitalityClub, BeWecome, and Helpx.

@tobi @trustroots

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