@TheGibson that would be your public education system ;) On a deeper level, our societies started to see through fundamentalist rationalism, but we got a bit stuck in the antithesis (postmodernism in its various flavours), and haven't yet stabilized a working synthesis. called it in the late 90s, 's .com project is a more cautious and accessible explanation.

@estoricru That's an incredibly shitty thing to do and totally unprofessional for a journalist. Remind me never to speak to anyone from Media about anything I'm doing in China.

@rick_777 the best analogy I've seen for the relationship between business managers and tech staff is the High Energy Magic building in 's books. The Archchancellor doesn't know or care how any of it works, he just wants results, and yesterday, and no they can't have any extra stuff to make that happen, what have you come up with for all the stuff you've already got?

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tbh there are too many US states and they are all identical boxes and none of them are actually as important as whole countries that are the same size as them 

"Most of the hungry people in the world are farmers."
- , interviewed on the podcast:

Also ...
"We [the US] have more people in prison than we have on the land."

More prisoners than farmers. Although some of the prisoners are also farmers, so ...

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Crap Wifi in hotels makes you appreciate text media and ignore images and avoid websites that take long to load. If you can’t display shit after three seconds I guess I’m not the target audience after all.

just as we begin to accept that oil-powered industrial society has been "developing" down a blind alley, we realize we've been far too effective at convincing most of the world that this dead-end road is what development *is*, and societies whose sustainable economies we could be learning from, are rapidly emulating our unsustainable ones. Oh the hubris ...

Chances are the same instances that block any instance that isn't blocking Gab, will start finding other reasons to block each other for lack of ideological purity. Eventually, they will federate with nobody, and start ejecting their own users until only the admins are left. If the fediverse is to survive, enough principled instance admins must refuse to join the witchfinding mania and use instance blocks only for spam, flooding etc.

We could all learn something from the demise of a 20th century Marxist federation called the . The French section of the SI gradually kicked out all the other sections, until they were the only one left. Then they gradually kicked out various factions within the surviving SI group, until there was only one left with 2 members. then kicked out the other member, and eventually ended his own SI membership by killing himself.

@pea this is what happens when politics becomes a substitute for religion. Liberal Safer Spaces Policing has way more in common with the Exclusive Brethren than members of either church would be comfortable admitting. Thou shalt not yoke thyself together with unbelievers ...

@dmcblue I think the rationale for a lot of these blocks is petty and fallacious, but whatever. Pointing that out isn't violating their right to do it, for the same reason that calling people out when they spout bigoted bullshit isn't violating their right to say it.

@dmcblue consensus choices to use instance block are fine. Voluntary association has equal status as a basic right with freedom of thought and expression. The problem I see is dogpiles coercing instances into blocking using public shaming and threats of undeserved blocking. You can't be my friend if you keep talking to Creepy Marcy - high school power games. Also, to a lesser degree admins and app devs imposing blocks on their own users without their consent.

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"You're right," the mechanic said, "your battery is draining much faster than normal."
"I knew it!" said the robot.
"Let me check diagnostics... Why is your processor 100% busy?"
"I'm monitoring my battery."
"If you stop that, it will last longer."
"I can't, it might run out."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@sir just out of curiosity, why this and not build out from an existing free code Minecraft clone like ? I presume you have reasons and I'd love a peek into your thinking here.

@xj9 YMMV but I remember I had an epiphany after I stood up to and broke up with a girl (her word) who was a pushy alcoholic, realizing that most of the women I'd been involved with romantically were narcissists or psychopaths or both, and that I'd scared off the rest. I resolved to remain single until I got that out of my system, even if it took the rest of my life. I met my wife not long after and she's one of the ones I would have scared off pre-epiphany. Sometimes shit works?
@dtluna @dog

@cj no doubt some of the Safer Spaces Police think Gargron should change the licence of Mastodon so Gab can't use it? That's because they understand neither technology nor political principles, and think the ends justify the means. It's because of easily led mobs like this that the world gets outcomes like Nazi Germany and the Stalinist USSR. It's up to us, the adults in the room, to stand up to this mob mentality and stick up for user and instance autonomy within neutral network protocols.

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