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... and here's the Jami screenshot. Note that despite the fact I'm pulling this directly from their repo, it's still using the old branding (Jami is still part of the GNU Project but they seem to be playing that down a bit in the visual branding since the rename).

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The UI of the mobile app is pretty good, but it could use work on the desktop client. Here's a side-by-side comparison with the desktop client, on the default desktop of GNU/Linux. The differences are subtle, and hard to fully appreciate without seeing them in use, but something about the Wire UI just feels more ... polished. If I could even had the option to change the colours in Jami to a darker palette, that would help I think.

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It occurred to me today that the mint plant I keep on my windowsill is strangely emblematic of modern life. A plastic tub full of water is not it's natural habitat and it doesn't get enough sun to fully mature. It stretches itself into a shape that allows it to survive, if not thrive, and as a result if I planted it in soil and put it in the sun it might die from the shock. Still, life finds a way ...

If someone starts assassinating my character, spreading lies about me, trying to turn people against me, my first instinct is to panic and try to fix it. Especially when it happens, as it does at times, in the context of community organizing. What I've learned from all my failed attempts is simply this; don't feed the trolls. If a person's goal is to upset me, I win by keeping my balance. If a person's goal is to make me waste my time defending myself from their bullshit, I win by ignoring them.

.com is not available to folks in the EU, because it's publishers don't know how to protect their users' data. At least not well enough to comply with the minimal privacy and portability requirements of the . First time I've seen this ...

" is not your friend, it is a surveillance engine" - Richard Stallman.

Living in China puts a whole new spin on the phrase 'city that never sleeps' ;-)

I see don't have social media display cards yet for images in their articles, so here's that drug policy spectrum diagram without you having to hit their CDN

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More #StarWars editorializing 

See, it's not that didn't have the raw materials of an amazing Star Wars movie. It just didn't seem to know how to put them together, without breaking the universe, and our suspension of disbelief.

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