Do you grit your teeth and have your online meetings on Zoom, even though holding sensitive internal discussions using a corporate-run, proprietary service doesn't really fit your values? If so, you might like to check out the Online Meeting Cooperative, which offers online meeting services as a member-owned platform co-op, running free code software ( Big Blue Button):

@strypey yes. Nice one. And if you're in NZ, let me know. I might be able to give you pro bono access to the' BBB instance...

@strypey Nice ... but I shall continue using Jitsi Meet when I run a meeting. No breakout rooms, but free as in beer.

> free as in beer

Ok, but for how long? At what point will their investors insist on a getting a return on their investment in Jitsi and put up a paywall? Or bring in ads, etc. Software development had ongoing costs, hosted services even more so. The sustainability of ethical services depends on finding ways to fund those costs that don't depend on venture capitalists or corporate shareholders, who will always put profit first

@strypey it is FLOSS. Anybody is free to run their own server. I do not run my own instance, I use the Free Software Foundation's as I am a supporting member.

We're discussing the gratis hosted service, not the software that runs it.

@strypey If one instance starts to charge, move to another or build your own. Just like Mastodon.

There may not always be gratis instances. Any that do exist depend on maintainers continuing to provide gratis labour and pay housing costs. Hosting your own makes you that maintainer; many people don't have the skills, time, and funds required to do that. All this also depends on continuing development (or at least maintenance) of the hosted software. Community-hosting is a way of ensuring the sustainability of both the services and the underlying software.

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