"Instead of making furniture or constructing buildings, why not grow them? It sounds like a radical idea, but it’s entirely possible thanks to mycelium. Mycelium are the roots of mushrooms, and create beautiful networks underground. They can also be ‘trained’ to grow into moulds, offering the possibility of mycelium being used as an eco-friendly material for construction. Floriade’s Mycelium Parc offers a glimpse of what’s possible."

> Mycelium are the roots of mushrooms

Actually mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of mycelium, but close enough😁

@humanetech Do you want a coffin to be durable? Surely it just needs to be solid enough to get through the funeral and into the ground? A mycelium coffin sounds perfect to me, especially if its impregnated with mushroom spores that can grow once the coffin gets damp in the ground.

@strypey well, no. But I meant durable in reference to building houses ;p

Ah, right :P Would be interesting to see how the mycelium compares to wood for making durable buildings.

@strypey thought spores reacted to harm — becoming health hazards?

@nergal Maybe? I imagine it would depends on the species of fungi in question, and the nature of the harm. Anyway spores are found in mushrooms - the fruiting body- not in mycelium itself.

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