Currently I can't wear a mask. Would you rather I wore:

@vik imo a face shield alone does fuck all possibly with the exception of incoming or outgoing flying droplets

@bigblen You see, that just doesn't match my interpretation of "fuck all" - I'd venture to say that large droplets of virus could possibly be infectious, and people around me wouldn't want 'em. YMMV


@vik @bigblen I imagine that the fine vapour that can escape around both face shields and most masks is as likely to cause a Covid infection as the droplets large enough to be caught by a face covering. I recently completed a First Aid Certificate course that included a module on proper mask use, which taught me that hardly anyone has an adequate mask and uses it correctly. So IMHO face coverings are mostly public health theatre, and just as pointless as security theatre.

@strypey @vik @bigblen That's pretty much my assessment, so I'd rather you weren't "using an ineffective control" that might be misleading people ...
If you don't have a mask on, that's a reasonably visible signal to people who have their own low tolerance to the risks of transmission.

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