covid ranting 

Plague ships are back at the end of July


just fucking *Great*

covid ranting 

I don’t much like this feeling of my government making me feel utterly helpless in the face of a global pandemic with serious long-term health consequences

covid ranting 

well, at least it's not inducing a panic attack

@strypey doesn’t work as well when it’s a rational fear

@aurynn You've taken my rather frivolous comment more seriously than it deserved :P In doing so, you've opened up a potentially interesting philosophical discussion. But I'm concerned that if I engage with your post as seriously as you have with my mine, I risk coming across as argumentative, or trivializing your very valid concerns. With that contextual disclaimer out of the way ...

@aurynn I recently started rereading Susan Jeffers' book whose title was the entire content of my post. I was reminded of it by your mention of feelings of helplessness, and the potential for panic. You're quite right that there are reasons to be concerned about the govt's decisions to open the border etc, and it's true that we can't directly control such decisions. Jeffers would say that what we can choose is how we *respond* to things we can't control. Thus the "do it anyway".

@strypey I was commenting from what my therapist has replied to about how they'd normally treat fears, the idea of "feel the fear and do it anyway", but they've also said that that is much more useful for unfounded fears.

For very rational fears, like "pandemic", it's not as easy to work with, since you don't have that easy go-to of "thanks emotion brain, but that's not a founded fear." Because it is founded.

True. I guess it depends how paralyzing the fear is. Even with a totally rational fear, the paralysis isn't helpful, so do it anyway can still apply. You didn't mention any paralysis, so I'm very aware that's something I'm introducing to the conversation.

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