Is there a good #Fediverse service for #events? It feels like a lot of orgs use facebook for this, it would be nice with an option for something different. I guess part of the issue is just adoption - the massive number of facebook users etc making it hard to migrate from there.

@prosaluxemburg yes there is, it's Mobilizon. check it out

and you're completely right, that it's hard to get a critical mass to adopt it. if you put events on mobilizon and nobody finds them through that, it might feel like unnecessary extra work. but if you don't put them there, nobody can start searching for local events there. :/


@Stoori I reckon the way to drive adoption of Mobilizon et al is getting groups using it to calendar and track events for their members. Once enough people are using it for that, there will be a crowd to whom it may be worth promoting public events. I need to actually try out Mobilizon so I know what it can and can't do.


@lightweight @idanoo @artsyhonker Have any of you (or anyone) given any thought to setting up a kiwi instance of Mobilizon?

@strypey @idanoo @artsyhonker is already a thing :) - and haven't really started using them, though...

@strypey @idanoo @artsyhonker but we're keen to be 'open first, closed second (if at all) ' 😉

@strypey @idanoo @artsyhonker happy to give any of you accounts on if you want to have a look around.

That's a yes then :) I'm guessing I can interact with events and groups on Mobilizon servers to some degree with a Mastodon account, but to create and admin groups requires an account on the server itself?

@idanoo @lightweight @aurynn

@strypey @lightweight @aurynn Yep, it's all activitypub so pretty compatible. I plan on using it next event I host

@idanoo @lightweight I'm not seeing any public-facing events on the front page of either instance (using Fennec F-Droid browser on my Android). I'm guessing they've only got private events so far and they're not federated?

@strypey @lightweight I don't think there are any events configured yet

I've created an account on and set up a public test event, so folks can kick the tyres on Mobilizon:

@idanoo @lightweight

@strypey @idanoo if you want an account on, send me a preferred email via DM.

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