I'm starting to regret being such a cheerleader for the utopia of digital convergence. Anyone else starting to think that the transition to doing everything digitally would have been best done over 50 years, instead of 25, with a bit more risk assessment and forward planning by everyone involved?

Hazard of reading science fiction 😂

Most of scifi treatment of robots, aliens, and sentient computers is proxy for white racial fears, albeit with significant influence from Jewish golem myths, but I took all that as an analysis of the future rather than the past until more recently

So my attitude towards AGI and robotics has always been that treating another sentience poorly and reducing such to servitude was Not a Good Idea™, that leaving relations with such to corporations or the military was Especially Bad™, and that codes* attempting to control the behavior of such were futile, counterproductive, and hostile to those affected

Which is all to say that technologists who uncritically give projects names like "Palantir" can be counted on to willfully miss the point when forced to consider ethical concerns of their work, and being afraid of things technology produces has always been a useful distraction in the service of the amoral bastards producing it

*Codes - Asimov's Laws of Robots come from Golem myths, while "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" is commentary on segregation (Black Codes) and the subtext of Neuromancer contains commentary on Yellow Codes, Yellow Scare, and the significance of Black Revolutionary movements

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