I just read the Slow Tech Manifesto and I'm definitely challenged by it. I routinely watch action movies and TV at night, and browse the web or use headphones to listen to podcasts while travelling, waiting, walking etc:

@strypey A ot of this aligns with the tenets of mindfulness, but don't be hard on yourself. We live in a much, much faster world now.

@strypey I think back to 2010 when my dad's Spanish Village didn't have affordable internet (basically Satellite or bust) and I was there for two weeks. Without an internet connection. I remember three days of anxiety and then something happened; I just stopped caring about it, and honestly, it was fantastic.

@strypey Darn! The site looks like it probably has some really interesting articles, but even when clicking for the English version, all the articles appear to be in Polish(?).

Time to head off to for each one. Maybe this is why it's "Slow Tech"? 🤔

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